Live Report: NORD OPEN AIR – 2nd Day @ Essen, Germany (30/07/2016)

May I live in Düsseldorf but when this mind-blowing line up is happening just 35 minutes away,you just take the train and go to Essen
Just to know the festival is organized from the Nord Cafe that becomes 25 years old and they wanted something special for celebration and they make it PERFECT.

We arrived in the middle of the MANIFESTIC set.
Local band not knowing something for them and that is my fault.

Τhe information at their Facebook page say:

-From day one MANIFESTIC´s intention has been clear:
Reinventing Progressive Speed Metal in a scene, dominated by average-thrash-acts.
Keeping it old- school and simultaneously taking musical and spiritual influences from all kinds of music.
The four guys from the Ruhr Area, Germany combine the aggression and speed of classic heavy metal styles with elements and structures of Progressive Rock-

And that it what i faced..Very good start…

The next band there is no need to say very much. 12 years existence with extreme presence and loyal fans it is respectful from itself.
MISERY INDEX on stage and the next 40 minutes with catapult their anger they mangling our bodies and they make us wandering if it is earthquacke or their music that shake the ground? In Deutschland there is no earthquackes,so guess...


The next 2 hours we walking outside the festival area at the streets of Essen.Τhe most amazing thing was that the event taking place in the center oft he city..That probably is not very strange for the German metalheads but for me that i came from Greece it was something extraordinary.
Also was and a topic to discuss with Jhon ending up that Germany people rocks from their birth,he,he..


Back to Viehofer Platz to face ΑBORTED.
Intensity – check, Brutality – check, Technicality – check
Inhuman savage vocals – check, Keyboards – NO,
Bittersweet melodies – Hell no, Folk elements – Get outta here!!
I think the checks above is enough to understand the madness that comes from Belgium.
Death metal businessmen since day one, they deliver us their aural blows with a maximum of versatility and hard-hitting brutality successfully melting our necks.The circle pits starts and the temperature incresasing,many congrats to the security guy with the help of water make the front guys feel a bit breezy..


-Metallica from Dresden- was the description of the mastermind from Polish deathmetallers VADER.
Last time see the band was in 2009 at Hellfest in France..For another time amazing and full of energy performance,some small problem with the voice sound but quickly fixed.


Time for beer and back to our position for the personal surpise of the fest and totally different music style in whole evening.
ARMORED SAINT on stage and really amazed from…everything..Heavy music, power riffs and soft melodies on the open sky with Jhon Bush taking the role of music director for our hands,our sing alongs and making us smiling,he,he!! JUST PERFECT


Semifinal act and another US band from Santa Barbara, California DEVILDRIVER.
The members as the melodic intro from END OF THE LINE touch our ears walking on stage with the super energy frontman and vocalist Dez Fafara appears last and pull the trigger of the party show..
The Esseners metallheads and not only.respond immediatelly and the moshing followed by wall oft he death and crowd surfin,just amazing..


21:45 and it is SACRED REICH time..Recently see them at Graspop Metal Meeting i was familiar what about to see.
Groovy,thrashy,happy speed music..What else someone needs to have great time?
Τhe highlights of their appearance was the urge from Phil Rind to hug each other because we are people and we need that,makes us better i will add…
And the 2nd highlight was..WAR PIGS ist enough the title song to understand,great cover and the reason my voice sounds weird next morning,he,he!!


That was NORD OPEN AIR 2016,cya in 365 days leute!!


With respect


Gerovasilis Panagiotis - Meltdown Rock Show


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