Fernanda Lira (Nervosa) on Rock Overdose: “Everyone respects us as a band, because they just realized that we’re 3 metalheads playing the kind of music we love”


The 3 girls from Sao Paulo seem to be determined to conquer the Thrash Metal scene. Not only have they released 2 very good albums, in their 6 years of existence, but they have also signed a deal with Napalm Records. At the moment, Nervosa are in the middle of a world tour and we have found the opportunity of speaking with Fernanda Lira (bass, vocals) about the past, the present and the future of the band.


Rock Overdose: Hi and welcome to Rock Overdose. Thank you for this interview. Would you like to begin by saying a few words about your band?

Fernanda: Hey! Thank you for the opportunity of talking about our music here! So, Nervosa is basically three Brazilian girl who love to play thrash metal and are a little fucked up in the head! Haha. No, seriously, we're a thrash/death band with many influences from the old school of both genres.




Rock Overdose: A month ago your new album, “Agony”, was released. What is the first feedback you received? Did your fans reacted in a positive way?

Fernanda: We couldn't be any happier with the feedback we've been getting. Not only from our label and the media, but, mainly, from the fans! It seems that pretty much everyone really liked the new album, which is pretty cool, we're so thankful with it and really glad with the outcome.

Rock Overdose: How does it feel like for you that in only 6 years you have signed to a big record company, like Napalm Records is, and you have released 2 very good albums?

Well, again, we couldn't be any happier. This band always surprised us all the time from the beginning, and still does, and signing with Napalm was one of the most pleasant surprises we had, because not only they support us and invest on us a lot, but also, since the beginning, they seem to believe the band as much as we did and this is pretty important.

Rock Overdose: 2016 will find you touring in Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America. Do you enjoy touring and would you say this is important for a band?

Fernanda: Touring is the coolest and most enriching experience ever. We just love being on the road and that is what we're gonna do as long as we can. I think that's the climax on the band, you know? There's nothing like playing live and getting the energy back from the fans, then talking to everyone after the show, talk about everything, have cultural exchange, meet new people, it's simply the coolest thing.

Rock Overdose: In September you will return to Europe and tour alongside Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam and Enforcer. Are you excited that you will be sharing the stage with important bands like these ones? Will it maybe be a bit stressful for you that you will have to appear before these bands and warm-up a crowd that will be hungry for Thrash?

Fernanda: I am suffering from anxiety everyday for this tour, haha. I can't wait for this to happen, it will be one huge dream coming true, I love Destruction, they are a huge influence for me and now playing with them will be incredible. It's also gonna be our first tour in a nightliner and with big bands like these, so we'll also learn a lot. And there's no stress at all, and actually, it's the opposite, because as being the first band, this means overnight we'll be the first ones to accomplish the duty, then we'll have the whole rest of the night to enjoy the shows and have fun. Also, I'm gonna watch Destruction every night for 30 days, HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT???? haha




Rock Overdose: How is people and other bands reacting to the fact that Nervosa is consisted of 3 women? Have you ever felt discriminated, since Thrash is a male-dominated scene?

Fernanda: On the beginning it was a little hard, because we come from a very sexist country, so being three girls in a male dominated scene was something new, and then some people just couldn't deal with that in a cool way. But it was just on the beginning band just a handful of people. Now pretty much everyone respects us as a band, mainly because, I think, they just realized that we’re 3 metalheads playing the kind of music we love, nothing but that, you know? There's also the good side, which is lots of people supporting us, not only because of our music, but also as a way of supporting and encouraging more girls in metal, and that's awesome!

Rock Overdose: In the past you had other 3 female members that were replaced by the members of the current line-up. Have you ever consider the fact of adding a male in the band or Nervosa is a strictly female business?

Fernanda: This never came to my mind for a minute. I've always played with girls on all of my previous bands. I am a huge supporter of girls in metal, in arts, or doing whatever they wanna do, so i always felt like playing with other girls, you know? So it never came to my mind, although it might be difficult to find girls that really wanna commit professionally to a band.




Rock Overdose: Brazil is a country with a huge tradition in heavy metal. How are things going with the Brazilian metal scene? Is it as strong as ever?

Fernanda: Brazilian metal scene is incredible and i'm really proud of being a part of that. Wherever you go there, you'll find a very solid local scene, with passionate fans and awesome incredible good quality bands. We have hundreds and hundreds of wonderful bands that are not only heard worldwide because we really lack of money and opportunities. There's also a very solid female metal scene, there's lots of all girl bands and many many bands with girls on it!

Rock Overdose: Are there any new bands that you keep an eye on?

Fernanda: Yeah, mainly from Brazil, like Jackdevil and Lacerated and Carbonized. There's also Crisix from Barcelona, these guys fuckin rock and have everything to be one of the next big names on the new wave of thrash metal!

Rock Overdose: What are your plans for the future? I don’t mean your plans regarding a new album, since you only now released one, but your plans for the band in general.

Fernanda: Our next plans are simply touring and touring and touring as much as we can to promote this new album, mainly in new territories for the band, including Asia, Oceania and Africa, where the metal scene is getting bigger and bigger, we can't wait to be playing every corner of this world!!

Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. I hope we will see you some day in Greece. Any last words are yours.

Fernanda: That would be awesome, i have great references from other bands about the Greek metal scene, it seems that you guys are pretty wild and passionate, can't wait to meet you all one day! As for my last words, just keep on supporting and respecting the metal scene, because each and every one of us are the sole responsible for keeping the metal flame alive!!


For Rock Overdose,

Minos Ntokopoulos