HELLBRINGER on Rock Overdose: “Our goal is to play outside Australia as much as possible”

We are very happy to present you the interview that the thrashers Hellbringer gave to Rock Overdose and Sotirelis Konstantinos. The band talked about their upcoming album,  “Awakened From The Abyss” and their future plans. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: So, how it’s going on the band’s field these days?


Hellbringer: Well we are just about to put out a new album and have had some very good show offers so it's going very good!


Rock Overdose: You are going to release your second full length album, “Awakened from the Abyss”, in August. How do you feel?


Hellbringer: Very keen to get the album out there. It's our strongest stuff yet and has the best production we have had.


Rock Overdose: Would you like to tell us a few things about the album, such as where it was recorded, how long did it take you to record it and if you faced up any difficulties?

We recorded it in a  place most likely no one outside of Australia has heard of called Queanbeyan in the state of New South Wales. It is located just outside of our home town Canberra. The album took about one week all up to record. An album is never usually 100% smooth so there are going to be some difficulties. We didn't have any really big ones apart from the mixing. It was a tedious and quite a stressful process as we were trying to nail a particular sound.



Rock Overdose: What are the differences from the previous album?


Hellbringer: 'Awakened' has stronger song writing with everything being more thought out, it's more aggressive and intense, better production and all that.



Rock Overdose: Why do you think a metalhead should listen to your album?


If you are into fast, evil thrash you should check it out.


Rock Overdose: What are your lyrics about?

Hellbringer: Darkness, evil and the occult.



Rock Overdose: What are your music influences?

Hellbringer: Thrash metal from the golden era such as Possessed, Slayer, Sepultura, Sodom, Kreator etc




Rock Overdose: The bands’ previous name was “Forgery” but after three years with this name, in 2010 you decided to change your name to “Hellbringer”. Why?


Just before the re-release of our self titled EP on Iron Pegasus we discovered there was some other band from Norway or somewhere also called Forgery. So to avoid confusion and since it wasn't a pain at the time we decided to just rename it.


Rock Overdose: Do you plan to have any shows or maybe a tour so as to promote the album?



Hellbringer: We have an album launch show at the end of the year in Sydney and then we will be over in Europe March next year to play Hell Over Hammaburg and some club shows.



Rock Overdose: What are your goals, dreams and expectations for the band?


: Our goal is to play outside Australia as much as possible spreading our evil and darkness worldwide!



Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Hellbringer: Thank you. Look out for our new album Awakened from the Abyss out August 19th on High Roller Records.