Martin Schulman (CENTINEX) on Rock Overdose: “Τhere has been a growing interest in the band from fans and labels even if we haven’t been active”

We are very honored to present you the interview that the bassist of death metallers Centinex, Martin Schulman , gave to Rock Overdose and Sotirelis Konstantinos. Martin talked about the band's new album, “Doomsday Rituals”, their reunion and their next plans. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hi Martin, welcome to Rock Overdose! How it’s going on the band’s side these days?


Martin Schulman: Things are going good and we are rather busy with festival shows and so on.


Rock Overdose: Your new album, “Doomsday Rituals”, released a few days ago. How do you feel about this release?


Martin Schulman: Yeah that’s right, it was released some weeks ago. We are satisfied how everything turned out and we found the sound and outcome we were looking for.


Rock Overdose: How did the fans and the press react so far?


Martin Schulman: Seems the reactions have been good but to be honest, I don’t really read the reviews. For me it’s more important what the fans think and it’s much more satisfying to read a comment on our Facebook from a fan who really digs the album instead of reading a review from a journalist who try to be deep and analyze our music.  We do music for ourselves and our fans, we don’t write music and try to be something we aren’t just to please some “hip” journalist who is looking for the next big trendy thing.


Rock Overdose: Would you like to tell us a few things about the album (such as how long did it take to be ready, if you face any problems, its main theme).


Martin Schulman: We recorded the album for two weeks which is a rather short time for doing an album nowadays. But that’s what we were looking for, we were looking for that old sound and wibe, the way albums were recorded in the early 90’s without over-producing the recording. The recording went smoothly, no real problems, and it also helped that we had done a pre-production demo of almost all the material. Lyrically „Doomsday Rituals“ features ten „stories“ – all call it chapters or whatever - about the upcoming doomsday or at least stories where the characters wish it should be the end of the world.




Rock Overdose: Do you plan to tour so as to promote the album?


Martin Schulman: Now during the summer and coming autumn we will only do festivals and single shows but a tour will follow in the spring next year.


Rock Overdose: This is your second album after the band’s reform. Really, why did the band break up in 2006 and what made you reform it again?


Martin Schulman: Back in 2006 I had came to a point where there was nothing else to do than bury the band due to several reasons, mostly musical and personal.  I felt for doing something new and hence I created my other band, DEMONICAL. But during all those years 2006 – 2014 there has been a growing interest in the band from fans and labels who have re-released our old material etc so the band has all the time „been there” even if we haven’t been active playing shows etc. I had been thinking of reactivating CENTINEX during a couple of years but hadn’t really had time for that due to my busy schedule with DEMONICAL but the in late 2013 – after a longer European tour with DEMONICAL –Ι decided to do it, now it’s the right time and place. I wanted to separate CENTINEX and DEMONICAL and explore different sides of death metal. I had some material written that didn’t really suit DEMONICAL as it was more influenced by the old North American scene instead of the Swedish one so hence I decided to reform CENTINEX and release the stuff under that moniker.


Rock Overdose: Correct me if I’m wrong, but at some of your earlier releases, “Kalimaa” was credited for the drums, but it was just a drum machine, right? Is she a goddess or something else?


Martin Schulman: Yes we used a drum machine during a couple of years in the late 90’s as we couldn’t find a suitable human drummer. It was a temporary solution which felt ok back then but today when I think about it, it feels that we could have left it undone to be gonest. Anyway, back then we had no other option. I don’t really remember where the name came from our why it was named like that.


Rock Overdose: Do you prefer the early days of the band, or nowadays and why?


Martin Schulman: I prefer how the band is nowadays, both musically and mentally, even if the first 5 years in the bands history were great as well.




Rock Overdose: After 26 years with the band, what’s your vision with Centinex?


Martin Schulman: Really don’t have any vision, we take it day by day and see what happens. Of course we do have plans what to do for next six – twelve months or something but it’s not that we have any special “vision”.


Rock Overdose: What are the band’s next plans?


Martin Schulman: We have some festivals coming up now during the coming months so let’s do them first and then we will see. Also, as I said, a tour will follow in May next year.


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. Close it with a message to the Greek fans.


Martin Schulman: Thank you for your support, much appreciated! Hopefully we can soon come and play for all you crazy Greek headbangers as we have never done that before!!