Ross “The Boss” (ex-MANOWAR) on Rock Overdose: “I have great memories and sad memories from Manowar”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Ross "The Boss", the former guitarist of Manowar, gave to Rock Overdose and Konstantinos Sotirelis. Ross, talked about his upcoming plans with The Dictators and with Ross The Boss Band, Keep It True festival, where he played a classical Manowar set and his memories from the Manowar era. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hi Ross, welcome to Rock Overdose. How is it going on the tour with The Dictators?


Ross “The Boss”: The tour is going great. We have 21 shows in 22 days. Right now we are at the middle of the tour. The shows are great. We have a great time. It’s very good.


Rock Overdose: Do you plan to release new songs with the band?


Ross “The Boss”: Yes, we have a new single out. I wrote the song, it’s called “Supply and Demand”. Dick Manitoba wrote the lyrics. The single was amazing, it had a great feedback and we had a lot of fun!


Rock Ovedose: You also have the “Ross The Boss Band”. Do you have plans for a new album?


Ross “The Boss”: Yes. We working on new music right now. Ever since we played in Keep It True festival in April, they said it was the most epic, greatest set ever played at the Keep It True festival. Everything is going great. It is unbelievable. Mike Cotoia is one of the best new kids in the world, amazing singer. My nephew Lance Barnewold is on drums and we have Kevin Bolembach on bass. We have a great band with a huge future. We did the Manowar show with the Manowar set. It is unbelievable. Just check at the videos. I didn’t had a lot of chances to play that songs when the band was together. Anyway, it was amazing. New record is coming, more shows.




Rock Overdose: Do you plan to tour so as to play these classic songs with your band?


Ross “The Boss”: Yes, of course.


Rock Overdose: What are your memories from the Manowar era?


Ross “The Boss”: I have great memories and sad memories from Manowar, too. Joey asked me to leave the band. Right before “Kings Of Metal” coming out, he asked me to leave the band that I started with him. A total take over, a total greedy of power. I was a tool of money, a puppet like everyone in that band is a fucking puppet. But I’ve got a lot of great memories, I met great people and places.


Rock Overdose: Would you like to reunite Manowar?


Ross “The Boss”: Anytime, I always play with my friends but, what can I say.


Rock Overdose: Do you have any other music plans?


Ross “The Boss”: Well, I’m going to release a record really soon and I have many tours coming up.


Rock Overdose: You are a very active musician. Have you ever thought to quit?


Ross “The Boss”: No man, it’s too late too quite music my friend. What can I do? It’s too late now. 40 years in music business, so many records, it’s too late. I’m going to be a musician ‘till the day I die. I’m very busy. Things are going great so, I don’t think about that.


Rock Overdose: Ross, thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Ross “The Boss”: Things are going great, many albums will come out soon, I’m very busy with music. Thank you very much for your time.