Par Sundstrom (SABATON) on Rock Overdose: “Some people think Sabaton arrived out of nowhere and got all success over night.”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Sabaton's bassist, Par Sundstrom, gave to Rock Overdose and to Konstantinos Sotirelis. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: How it going on the band’s side so far?


Par Sundstrom:Definitivly great. We are having a fantastic time. Now Europé is over for this time and we are soon heading for America.
Rock Overdose: You have released your new album recently, “The Last Stand”. How do you feel?


Par Sundstrom: Great, at first we are all a bit nervous what people will think since we dont really know if an album is good or bad when we just finished it. It takes a few months to get a distance to it and be able to really analyze and album from us in the band. Also now we are recieving feedback from press and fans!
Rock Overdrose: What’s the feedback so far?


Par Sundstrom:Its great basicly everywhere. Some fans complained about the first singles we released since they sounded very different from Sabaton. But now when fans heard the entire album they know the album is good and that there is both traditional Sabaton aswell as some new elements.
Rock Overdose: You have a song, “Sparta”, which is dedicated to Greece. Why did you decide to write this song?


Par Sundstrom: It’s as simple as that it is THE last stand. We think its very exciting story.




Rock Overdrose: It’s the second time that you have a song dedicated to Greece. Do you like our history?


Par Sundstrom:There is plenty of interesting stuff in Greek history to cover. Anything from ancient times to modern times.
Rock Overdose: In a few days you return to Cyprus for a show. How do you feel and what should the fans expect from this album?


Par Sundstrom:Cyprus is a great place to play. It is a small metal community but quite active and the fans are phenomenal. We have been to Cyprus several times while many bands never ever thought of playing a show there. It has always been Sabaton idea to play a lot of shows in interesting places.
Rock Overdrose: In a few months you have a great tour with Accept and Twilight Force and you’ll visit Greece. Will we see a special show?


Par Sundstrom: We want every show to be special for the fans. Sure its not so easy to make every show Unique when we do 150 shows per year. But at least we vary the setlist almost every night. But the combo of bands will make a great night for sure! Nobody should be dissapointed.


Rock Overdrose: A few days ago, Thobbe Englund announced that he leaves the band. Was it something that you expect or you didn’t know anything?


Par Sundstrom:He thought about it for quite some time. Its a big step for Thobbe but he has to follow his heart and do his own music.

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Rock Overdrose: Why do you think that Sabaton has such a huge success


Par Sundstrom: Many reasons. For sure the music is the heart of a band. Without good songs the rest does not matter. But then there are many other things. We never had the help of a massive recordlabel, never had a management and instead we did most things ourselves. There was never anyone who could tell us how to do. We did not get the instant success with a hit song or something like that. Our way has been through playing lots and lots of concert. And I am proud of every little step we took. Some people think Sabaton arrived out of nowhere and got all success over night. I think 17 years and tousands of shows says something else.
Rock Overdrose: What are Sabaton’s next plans?


Par Sundstrom:Now we are off to 8 weeks in America and during the autumn we will also tour Russia and do another Sabaton Cruise before we start the main part of the European tour which will also hit Greece early next year.
Rock Overdrose: Thank you very much. The last words are yours.


Par Sundstrom:Glad to see every reaction to our new album. Its exciting times for us and I really look forward to come out and play the new songs for fans around the world. In greece we always had fantastic crowds and I dont see why it shall change this time!



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