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Martin Schulman (CENTINEX) on Rock Overdose: “Τhere has been a growing interest in the band from fans and labels even if we haven’t been active”

We are very honored to present you the interview that the bassist of death metallers Centinex, Martin Schulman , gave to Rock Overdose and Sotirelis Konstantinos. Martin talked about the band's new album, “Doomsday Rituals”, their reunion and their next plans. Enjoy!     Rock Overdose: Hi Martin, welcome to Rock Overdose! How it’s going on the band’s...
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Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) on RockOverdose:”If Iommi wants to do something together,I am Ready!” had the great honour to speak with Tony Martin, the great  ex - Black Sabbath singer who's voice put its own signature to a very underestimated - for the majority of Sabbath fans - era.


However, he is definitely an incredible musician who will always be respected by the real music fans!



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