HURRICANE ON SATURN on RockOverdose: “We are different because we don’t do it for money or for vain glory!”

RockOverdose had the chance to speak with Hurricane On Saturn, a music project started in 2019 by Italian musicians from various musical genres using electronic elements combined with influences of rock, rap, post-hardcore and crossover.

Meet them through the answers of their vocalist Maydx to our questions!



RockOverdose: Before we start, I want to know how the pandemic has been for the past few months. ...  Were you able to handle it well?

Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Yes thanks, we are all fine and safe but the general situation doesn't seem to improve as fast as hoped. Politics shitheads have messed up everything as usual.


RockOverdose: I was very pleased and happy to know your music with "Οutsider"! Awesome song and cool lyric video! Talk about how it all started and how you managed to reach this very high level of quality in composing and performing, and of course, I would like to know your musical education.

Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Thanks again, the song’s topic came out naturally, when you see certain things. Dakm and I had classical music studies when we were children and I recognize that could be a plus when composing, also the other members of the band had years of studies on their specific instruments - I mean we know what we are doing, but your studies don't guarantee you can make a good song; the world is full of examples of people that without any study have written history. For a small part it’s a natural gift but I guess for the biggest part it's just having clear ideas and that’s a thing very few have, nowadays.


RockOverdose: Your music is true and full of feelings. How are you inspired about this?

Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): I don’t know. I only think that if you want to look inside yourself you have to look spaceward.


RockOverdose: You have also released some other singles and a full album. Are you going to release another full album with Hurricane On Saturn?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Yes we have almost finished recording it, then this autumn we are going to mix it at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland.

We are already writing material for a third album but that’s not the case to look too far. In this global situation there are no more certainties.



RockOverdose: What seems to be your biggest difficulty about music? The most difficult thing to express your feelings?

Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): We just let the flow come out and that's the easiest part. The biggest difficulty is nothing from inside the band. What would be difficult is to break through a closed music system upheld by friends favours that doesn't seem to look at the future but at few coins in the immediate. And I’m talking about listeners too.



RockOverdose: You are a band with a unique style. Do you think that some fans will be prejudiced on this?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Oh yes, I'm completely sure most people are prejudiced especially nowadays where anybody no longer takes the risk to venture out from a little niche; looking for protection from a closed scene made out of cliches and stereotypes is much safer and comforting. But we look at the stars not at our feet and every single fellow who wants to join us in our journey is a total victory for us.



RockOverdose: More unique bands are joining the scene every year. What makes Hurricane On Saturn more unique from the others?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): That's a nice question, but to be honest I don't see that much innovation and new bands coming out. Quite the opposite for what I see, lately we are witnessing the return of some dinosaurs like Skid Row or Mudvayne to name just two.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect what they did 20-30 years ago… but I don't know how much they have left to say. It stinks only like commercial moves to me, from the old same lobby, and people still take the bait.

Hurricane On Saturn is different because we don’t do it for money or for vain glory. We are nothing, we are just air - fresh air, and we are out of any lobby.

We are doing it for ourselves and people like us who have had enough and need to escape from this stale dying music scene.

Are we alone on this? No problem, we are already satisfied flying in our different universe.




RockOverdose: Did the choice of the line-up happen naturally or were you looking for something particular? How did you select your band mates?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): I think nobody selected anybody, we were just searching for each other on the same "radio frequency". We found ourselves as the first 5 pioneers to undertake this voyage.


RockOverdose: Which bands and singers have influenced you personally?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Personally I never make specific names. it would be limiting and misleading.

If you focus on the output then you can decide the input by yourself.



RockOverdose: What will be the next plans? Ιn the coming months will we have a lot of news?


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Yes, as said before we have a bunch of brand new singles ready on the launch ramp while we wait for the big rocket, the second album, to be ready.

Hope to add news about live shows too, but the truth is that I find it hard to believe. At least in the short.


RockOverdose: We’re done, thank you very much for your attention and the opportunity.


Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): We thank you. Every single one enlisted in the Dust Devils Army is a victory.

RockOverdose: Would you like to leave a final message?

Maydx (HURRICANE ON SATURN ): Here we are. Now you have no more excuses.



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