IMPURE WILHELMINA: Listen to their upcoming album exclusively on Rock Overdose

IMPURE WILHELMINA offer us the full album premiere of their forthcoming masterpiece, 'Radiation', which will be out on July 7th.



IMPURE WILHELMINA comment: "We are extremely proud to present our sixth album, 'Radiation' in full. The ten featured songs form a journey through melodic and melancholic landscapes, where darkness is enlightenment, dissonance is harmony, and catharsis is wisdom. Our musical and lyrical achievement keeps faith with the spirit of IMPURE WILHELMINA. This is the outcome of an effort that was initiated three years ago, following the release of our previous album 'Black Honey'. We would like to thank everyone involved in the realisation of this album. We hope that 'Radiation' will wipe away some of the pain that you feel."