MELODEATH ALLIANCE 2020: Το official “Lockdown” βίντεο που ξεχωρίζει!!!




Και το όνομα αυτού... Melodeath Alliance 2020, μία πρωτοβουλία των Σαλονικιών EPHEMERAL με συμμετοχή 10 και πλέον συγκροτημάτων του αγαπημένου μας ήχου,και το "τέκνο" τους, μα φυσικά το βίντεο που μόλις κυκλοφόρησε "Rise & Fall (OFFICIAL LOCKDOWN VIDEO)" με αφορμή βέβαια αυτήν την πικρή γεύση της πανδημίας.


Με μία λιτή ανακοίνωση για το εν λόγω ψηφιακό Single, υπογραμμίζουν ότι το 2020 ήταν οδυνηρό, με τον COVID-19 για αρκετούς μήνες εως το lockdown.


"Ένα τραγούδι για όλους εσάς, υποστηρικτές, φανς, φίλους, οικογένεια ανθρώπους που μας στήριξανε σ' αυτούς τους δύσκολους καιρούς. Σας ευχαριστούμε!!!"

Μουσική: Elias Elias
Verse 1: Sara Leitão, José Guardado, Giuseppe Di Giorgio, François Tissot, Panos Leakos.

Verse 2: Ethereal Lars, Kostas Lolis, Ross King, Daniel R. Flys, Ethan Tziokas/Christos Mitros.

Τύμπανα: Dino George Stamoglou
Μπάσσο: D'wayne Murray (Atavistia)
Πλήκτρα: Krzysztof Wiedeński (Αether)
Solos: Samuel Becerra, James Pratt, Jaime Torres, Olivier Alexandre Girard, Tasos Bebes, Michał Miluśki, Dalton Meaden, Steven Ouzo/Alex Soult.

Mixing & Mastering: Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions)
Video Edit: Joël Martins (Titanforged Productions)



Τα συγκροτήματα που συμμετέχουν σ' αυτήν την αξιόλογη προσπάθεια για να "ξορκίσουν" το κακό είναι:


Dark Oath (POR):

Aetherevm (MEX):

Black Therapy (ITA):

Aesmah (FRA):

Aetherian (GR):

Ethereal Darkness (BEL):

Darkest End (GR):

Countless Skies (UK):

Eternal Storm (ESP):

The Shadeless Emperor (GR):

Aether (POL):

Atavistia (CAN):

Nightrage (GR):

EphemeraL (GR):

Και οι στίχοι:

Lost in the Shadows
Nothing But Fear (we are fallen)
Wounded, Broken (we hide)
Hope seems lost and forgotten

You will never see the light
Now the wind announces your death
(The flame of your heart slowly fades away)
The time is come
The seventh seals await for chaos
(The wrath of the gods will unleash a genocide)

A small light, gift to the mortals by Prometheus
Evolving - this flame will shine as bright as the immortal sun
With its thirst for knowledge as the strongest driving impulse
Humanity is walking the path to prosperity

Isolated, Secluded,inside four walls,
Emprisonned for safety, for outside is dark,
Screaming and crying in fear of the fall,
A taste of our own medecine, yet just a spark.

From the deepest hollows
To the greatest halls we resound
From a silent lake a mighty river roars
The fight is on

We will RISE & FALL
Out of the shadows, there comes a war
The enemy is marching
No weapons to fight
Let there be light
We’re not on our own
I feel suffocated, there’s nowhere to go
Vengeance is coming
We’re out of the cage
Break down the barricades
We are at war

Under the sun we dreamed
Of days that won't come
Where are we supposed to be?
Were we really meant to exist?
Our darkness we embrace
As we begin the descent
After the world ends,
What will the news say?

There’s a war out there
Spreading out like a fucking disease
Raped spirits, our faith is lost
Killing for the profit of another
The hopeless left in fear & torment

Falling to the ground,
This burden too much too bear.
These dreams in agony,
In hours of despair,
We are brokeeeeeen

And when the lights are out
We will fill in the blanks with our own minds
A calling in disguise
As within and so without
We will make of these ruins a paradise

As the shadows burden you
And courage fades dim
A glimpse of light, a breath of hope,
And Darkness shatters thin.

In your eyes, there's a spark
Coming out from the dark
You were born in Freedom
Find yourshelf, in the end
You will rise once again
Stand up for your kingdom



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