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FRATERNITY OF SOUND FESTIVAL: Προστέθηκε ακόμη μια μέρα στο festival με τίτλο “Opening Rites”

Οι 3 Shades of Black παρουσιάζουν: Fraternity of Sound Festival 2017 "For The Youth Of The Sun" 26 – 27 – 28 – 29 Οκτωβρίου Event page: www.facebook.com/events/1438779506202735 Official FB page: www.facebook.com/fraternityofsound   “Under lights dimmed or blinding, Moments silent or fierce but all everlasting, Life-changing and singular and passing away, In this unique solitary commune For all those a house, Fraternity of Sound”   Η Fraternity of...
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