The Silent Rage – Newsletter August 2010‏

Dear friends,

It's been a while since you heard some news. Unfortunatelly I have to start with the sad ones. Kostas Tokas, Christos Sevastopoulos & Kimonas Limenidis decided to leave the band due to music differences. I am still friends with the guys and I wish them all the best with their new band. I would like to thank them for all the moments we spent together. Panos Karadimas also left the band because he wanted to focus on his studies. I would like to thank him as well and wish him good luck. But these departures don't mean that I will have call it a day. Therefore, I am really proud to announce the new members of The Silent Rage family:

Dionisis Kontis - Dionisis is the new singer of the band. He's also the ex singer of Fading Reality, with whom he released the self titled demo cd.

Kostas Mavroyannis - Kostas is the new lead guitarist of the band and he's the guitarist of Fiat Lvx, with whom released the "Firstborn" EP. He's also a great composer too!

Stavros Tsilivarakos - Stavros comes from the very first days of The Silent Rage, due to the fact that he was the band's bassist during '07-'08. I am really happy that he's back in the band.

Nikos Parotidis - Nikos is the new percussionist of the band and he's also the drummer of the bands Minuetum, Mordikaii & Oath Of Carnage. He's really talented and he's got a great future ahead him.

The band is looking for a new keyboard player as well. If anyone is interested, please sent us a message here or an email at [email protected]

Photoshoot is planned soon as well. The band is now working on some re-arrangements on the EP's material while some new material is on the process.

Furthermore, we're really proud to announce that The Silent Rage will be the support act to Shadow Gallery's debut Athens show, at the 10th of October at Kyttaro club.

Stay tuned for more news to come! A new era has begun...

All The Best
Nikos Siglidis on behalf of The Silent Rage