ADMONISHER – Greek Melodic Power Metal!

Admonisher were formed in 1999 by the vocalist Angelvoice and guitarist Heretic. Classical music and the decade of 80's were the main influences of the band. The first promo was recorded at Benzoil Studio in Thessaloniki (2000). Never released in public, only sent to Greek Metal Hammer (that gave 7/10) and some fanzines. Drums played by Alex Giannakopoulos.

After 4 years the band records its first full-lenght CD -FACE THE AXE- that includes the 4 songs of the promo CD (re-recorded) plus 4 new songs. Drums played by Lothar. The CD was self-financed and in general had very positive acceptance from many people and metal press. The song 'DRAGONLORD' was included in the first compilation of Hellenic Forces (2004) and took very good to enthusiastic comments. Since then many changes have been made. Angelvoice and Lothar left the band due to personal reasons and Admonisher split up for a very long period.

At the middle of 2008 Admonisher are born again with a new line up! Heretic is now team with Mariana Jeckova-the new singer and Panos in drums. “One Love” is the second official album of Admonisher. The band exists with a totally new line up of more experienced professional musicians, certain of the musical path they want to follow (modern heave/power metal). Mariana Jeckova is now on Vocals (Very popular singer in many styles of music and well known in the fields of Heavy Metal from her works with guitarist and keyboardist of FIREWIND and OUTLOUD, Bob Katsionis).

The band entered Fragile Studios with the bassist and producer Vangelis Gialamas to do the final recordings of the album. Before the completion of the album the band called Jason Mercury bassist of OUTLOUD and guitarist of MINUETUM and FIAT LVX to play some guest solos that gave the final touch to the album.

(2009) One Love - Self-release

Mariana Jeckova - vocals
Heretic - guitars
Panos - drums

Bass played by Vaggelis Yalamas. Keyboards played by Heretic.

Music & Lyrics by Heretic.

Recorded at Fragile Studios, Athens, Greece (2009).
Produced by Vaggelis Yalamas and Admonisher.

Lyrics on "Never Gonna Lie For You" by Tonny Kapsalis.
Solo on "Secret Passage" composed and played by Jason Mercury (Outloud).
Outro on "Wild Side" composed and played by Vaggelis Yalamas.

Cover and all artwork design by Akis Vintzilaios.
Photos taken by Akis Vintzilaios & Elena Bageorgou.

1. Alive In Black
2. Inner Cry
3. One Love
4. Don't Close Your Eyes (Ain't No Tears)
5. Never Gonna Lie For You
6. Secret Passage
7. Tame The Storm
8. Wild Side