AMON AMARTH on Rock Overdose:”We are proud, to be one of the biggest growing bands in the history of the world”

We are very proud to present you the interview that Amon Amarth, and specifically the bassist Ted Lundström, the guitarist Johan Söderberg and the drummer Jocke Wallgren, gave to Rock Overdose and Konstantinos Sotirelis. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hello, welcome to Rock Overdose. How it’s going on the band’s side these days?


Ted: Shows are great, the crowd reaction is great, the production for our tour is great! We think it’s going really well. Plus we are selling out some shows here and there, so what more could you ask for?


Rock Overodse: You’re in the middle of a tour with a great line-up. How did this came up?


Ted: We are from the same city as Grand Magus, and we love their music, so we already knew each other. Then Testament had a record come out the same time as us, so we believed it was a win win for everyone. We really just put together a tour with our friends!


Johan S: We have toured with Grand Magus a couple of times, so it was easy to ask them.


Rock Overdose: You have an incredible Viking set with fights on the stage. How did this idea cοme up?


Ted: The idea of guys on stage we actually stole that from another band. It starts with an ‘M’ and ends with a ‘Anowar.’ Ninety six percent of our songs are about Viking battles, so why not have some of our friends do Viking battle re-enactments onstage?


Johan S: We wanted more theatrical elements in the show.


Amon Amarth_Jomsviking_25_3


Rock Overdose: Will we see this set in Greece?


Ted: You will see some parts of it at the Greek shows, yes, but we would ruin the surprise if we told you which ones.


Rock Overdose: What are your memories from the previous Greek shows?


Ted: The best memories are the Greek fans, and how crazy they are!


Rock Overdose: You are one of the best live metal bands, either you have the amazing sets or not. How do you manage to have such an energy on the stage?


Ted: Underberg, Beer and Greek Food!


Johan S: Definitely Greek food!


Rock Overdose: “Jomsviking” was released a few months ago. Are there any plans for a new release?


Ted: Not anytime soon, we have to bring this record around the world. Maybe in a few years!


Rock Overdose: What’s the feedback so far for the “Jomsviking” album?


Ted: So far it’s been great. We wrote a record about a really epic story, so everyone has received it really well.


amon amarth4 mesa


Rock Overdose: Martin Van Drunen from Asphyx said to me that 20 years ago no one could imagine that an extreme metal band would be as famous as Amon Amarth now. How do you feel about being an extreme metal band which is so famous and successful?


Ted: We are proud, to be one of the biggest growing bands in the history of the world.


Rock Overdose: Why do you think that you are so successful?


Ted: We are so successful because Big J is looking good, and now we have this young drummer bringing all the ladies to our shows. Our fans are so loyal, and they keep coming to the shows. It’s because of them we are so successful!


Rock Overdose: What are Amon Amarth’s next plans?


Jocke: We are going to do a show today, and we have another show tomorrow.

Ted: We have extensive touring and a lot of cool shows coming up. We have South America coming up next year, Mexico, more United States touring, and back to you in Europe!


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Ted: Come get your overdose of Viking metal. We look forward to meeting all of you Greek Metal Heads, Malaka!


Johan S: We are really looking forward to some Greek food. We are even hungrier than last time we came!





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