Biff Byfford (SAXON) on RockOverdose: “Our new album “Carpe Diem” is [email protected] incredible!”



On February 4th, 2022 Saxon release their 23rd studio album, "Carpe Diem", through Silver Lining Music., produced by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Exodus, Accept and Priest guitarist) at Backstage Recording Studios in Derbyshire with Byford and Sneap mixing and mastering.



RockOverdose had the chance to speak on their new album as well as other interesting stories, with Biff Byfford frontman and co-founder of the legendary pioneers of British NWOBHM, SAXON!




RockOverdose: Hi Biff! Welcome on RockOverdose! How are you?

Biff Byfford (SAXON): I'm good thank you!


RockOverdose: It seems that the pandemic inspired you enough to create your new album. Would you like to tell us in your own words whats the message of "Carpe Diem" album? How is the feedback so far?


Biff Byfford (SAXON): Well, it's a possitive message, I think it sounds pretty exciting. We spend quite long time making the album since we started recording in 2020! We like this message! The feedback is brilliand so far!



RockOverdose:  What do you believe is the strongest and what's the weakest part for this classic SAXON album, if there is one? Do you have any favorites? 


Biff Byfford (SAXON): There is no weak part! Is a very strong album! It's a classic SAXON album as you said! Each song is different, I don't really have a favorite one, "Carpe Diem" is pretty cool, I like all the songs, they have possitive lyrics!



RockOverdose: Are you planning to release any other video?


Biff Byfford (SAXON): Yes, we are going to release a video for the single "Pilgrimage" this weel actually!





RockOverdose: If you'd describe your new album in two words, what this will be?

Biff Byfford (SAXON): Fucking Incredible!



RockOverdose: We know that you are planning to tour but are there any plans for visiting Greece as well? The greek audience loves you!


Biff Byfford (SAXON): Yes they do! We love them too! I think we might be doing a festival there in summer, I've seen it in the planner! We love Greece, we have fanatical fans there! It's always great to come and play for the greek fans! We love the greek audience, we should come together  definately if possible!




RockOverdose: Later last month you have released a cover album under the title "Inspirations". Would you like to share a memory from one of those favorite songs from these covers that means a lot to you?



Biff Byfford (SAXON): Well, I think the Deep Purple and Zeppelin songs were good fun to record! I love these songs!



RockOverdose: Your band is definitely an inspiration for newer bands, what song or album of yours was the one that you felt "we have something for the next generations"....?


Biff Byfford (SAXON): I think "Wheels of Steel", "Strong Arm...", Denim & Leather" have influenced a lot of our fans. Like other bands from that 80's - 90's period,  Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Maiden as well ...



RockOverdose: Looking back to all these years in the metal scene, what is that stays strong to your mind?


Biff Byfford (SAXON):Well, I think that the albums and the concerts we've made are importand in music history! I remember being together for a long time, I remember the good times from 1979 to 2022 that's a great achievement and we're really proud of it!

RockOverdose:  So many years in the scene and you've got even more to give!

Biff Byfford (SAXON):Yes! Especially with this new album as well...




RockOverdose:  Any other news from the band that you'd like to share with us?

Biff Byfford (SAXON):Well, we've been touring a lot this year for "Carpe Diem" and we also have another "Inspirtations" album.



RockOverdose: Any surprise song that you're planning to cover?

Biff Byfford (SAXON): If I tell you it wont be a surprise but, we're covering a Who song, thats a secret knowledge for you!



RockOverdose: That's great! Before we close, please send a message to your fans in Greece! 

Biff Byfford (SAXON): We love Greece! When Saxon plays there is always a special time! We hopefully can get there this summer, if not then maybe in our tour in Sept-October-November! Keep our fingers crossed!


RockOverdose: Biff, What does "metal" means to you?

Biff Byfford (SAXON):Well, it's power, melody...guitar riffs!It's everything!



RockOverdose: Finally, have to wish you all the best for your birthday that was before some days! How do you feel for getting older? 

Biff Byfford (SAXON): Thank you very much! I fell pretty good! My brain is still young! If you have a youth soul is great!



RockOverdose: That's all! I wish you the best and we're looking forward to see you soon!

Biff Byfford (SAXON): Thank you! It was very nice talking to you, see you later in the year!



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