Biff Byford (SAXON) on Rock Overdose: “I have written lyrics about the song dedicated to Motorhead the early years”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Biff Byford, Saxon's singer, gave to Rock Overdose and Sotirelis Konstantinos. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hello Biff. Welcome to Rock Overdose. How it’s going on the band’s side these days?


Biff Byford: Everything is good at the moment, fingers crossed


Rock Overdose: You’re going to release a new live album in a couple of weeks. How do you feel?


Biff Byford: I think it is a great package


Rock Overdose: Could you give us a few details such as where it was recorded and how did this idea came up?


Biff Byford: It was reformed last December in Munich. Lemmy and I wanted to record a concert from this tour and unfortunately it was the last shows


Rock Overdose: A few days ago you announced that the next album will be probably released in 2017. What should we expect this time?


Biff Byford: Hopefully another great album along the same lines as “Battering Ram”


Rock Overdose: Could you reveal any details of the new album?


Biff Byford: I have written lyrics about Motorhead the early years when we first met them, titled “They played Rock ‘N’ Roll”.




Rock Overdose:  The band has been an influence for many bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and many more. How do you feel about influencing so great bands?


Biff Byford: It's great to know we helped so many great bands along the path


Rock Overdose: You have 21 albums so far. Have you ever thought that you are too old or tired to keep doing all these tours and albums?


Biff Byford: Not yet


Rock Overdose: Do you have any plans to come back in Greece for some shows?


Biff Byford: We are always happy to come to Greece, maybe a festival next year


Rock Overdose:  What are your memories from your last shows here?


Biff Byford: Crazy audiences who know the songs inside out. It’s always a special event to play in front of a Greek crowd


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Biff Byford: Thanks for your support over the years. See you soon