Vincent Price on RockOverdose:”The direction of the new Body Count album will be heavier!”


 Recently we had the chance to chat with Vincent Price, (GRAMMY AWARD winner with Body Count) on the occasion of his co-operation with the greek crossover/rap  metal band BOOM DOX!


Vincent Price, one of the pioneers of the hardcore rock scene, bassist of BODY COUNT, as well as Steel Prophet is an active figure in the metal scene and for sure has a lot to discuss not only for the bands plans but also metal in general.





RockOverdose: Hi Vincent and welcome to RockOverdose! How are you these days?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): I'm good! I couldn't have been better, I got one of these things,  the award of "The Best Metal Performance", from the National Academy of Recording Artists!



RockOverdose: That's great! I suppose it was a really proud momment for you.


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Oh yeah! When you get something like that, you feel proud for your dedication to music! Winning a price doesn't going to stop me from keep going on and giving more!



RockOverdose: It's a really great award! I don't know if it's one of the best in your career... 


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Yeah, right!



RockOverdose: What about your last album "Carnivore"?


Vincent Price (Body Count): Did you get it? What do you think about it?



RockOverdose: Yeah! I think it's a great album, but to be honest I prefer the early days of the band. I have lost contact with the band throughout the years... I'm more of an old school guy.


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Ok! That's fine.



RockOverdose: Well, one of the main occasions for this interview is your co-operation with the Greek band Boom Dox! How did this came up?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Well, we are signed under the same label, ROAR and it was Steve (Steve Kachinsky), quitar player of Steel Prophet who told me that the guys wanted me to play into their record. So I didn't know whether I'd play or I'd write a song, or what should I do, but then he told me I'd do some vocals!

To be honest, the band reminded me a lot of Downset, a rap metal band from Los Angeles, and I've been a great band of Downset! So, I said "OK! Let's do it!", but you know it took a lot, due to the whole pandemic thing...It was kinda hard to get out of the house, and have a confortable enviroment to do things. It took a while, but the final product came up pretty good!

I hope Boom Dox, does a very big show and invite Body Count to Greece, to perform with them! I think guys you gonna like this!



RockOverdose: That would be great! Body Count have never been to Greece, if I'm not mistaken!


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Yeah! So figure it out! Why not!



RockOverdose: Let's hope when covid is over, because lot's of plans have been canceled!


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Yeah! We had a lot of plans with Body Count with "Carnivore" record! We were supposed to come to Europe, to do some TV appearances but all were cancelled! We were lucky that we had the chance to release the record!



RockOverdose: Yes! It was really bad. Have you ever visited Greece, personally?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): No, but I'm dying to go!



RockOverdose: Yes, you have to!


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): It's one place we need to go, with my girlfriend!



RockOverdose: I think time has come, at least for holidays!





RockOverdose:What about BOOM DOX, what do you think about their music?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): They are great! I was familiar with some of their songs, and I want them to write a Body Count song! We always invite other bands to write on a Body Count record, so throught this interview I invite them to do it! So guys, get to work, and see what you've come up with! I liked what I've heard so far, the label has send me some snippets of their record, it sounds pretty cool!



RockOverdose: So, you've been with Body Count since 2001, if I'm right! How do you feel of being a part of this band?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Well, it's hard to say... It's an honor, a priviledge! It's got its ups and downs just like in every band, but nowdays is a little bit different because the only original members is Ernie C and Ice-T. I was part of the line up when D-Roc was still alive, but basically I've been around the band for a long time, either in the band or outside the band, because I used to work at the studio, so I guess I was on the outside looking in and now I'm on the inside! It's good! I just can't wait to do more shows, more records...

You said that you liked the earlier stuff but I think we can't play that anymore, cause I think not a lot of people like that stuff. Me either, I'm not a great fan of their earlier stuff and I told those to the guys from day one! It's not my cup of tea, I'm more into heavier music. My favorite band is Discharge and always will be. However, I played at Steel Prophet which is more like progressive metal, I know how to write metal music. Before, we were just a bunch of guys jammin'. Now, the band has taken a different form and a lot of people really like this stuff. The band is bigger than it's ever been! The new line up is more a live line up, than the original one. I would say that Body Count was a concept, and now the new Body Count is an actual band! But we carrying the torch they left of.



RockOverdose: Are you planning to write new songs?

Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): As you can see, my quitar never leaves my hands! I'm constantly writing...  As a matter of fact, we are writing for the new record right now, this is how Body Count works actually. We start doing press, interviews etc and we come up with a title, and that means we have to come up with a new record! So yes, we are in the middle of doing a new record! Last year when the album got to put on hold, we were thinking if it's going to be an EP or  LP and we just wanted to get it done!



RockOverdose: Do you have any songs ready?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Always!



RockOverdose: What's the idea of the new album, its direction...?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): It will be heavier! So that way you're going to forget all about those old records! You're going to be blown away!



RockOverdose: Do you plan to do any covers, as you did with Slayer's "Raining Blood"?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): We did "Ace Of Spades" of Motorhead! The band is always going to do a cover. In our last record before deciding to do Ace Of Spades, I wanted to do a Black Sabbath song, because when you hear the beginning of "Raining Blood" Ice describes the idea of Body Count came from. He says, the style of Suicidal Tendencies with the thrash music of Slayer and the doom heaviness of Black Sabbath, so I think now is the time to do a Black Sabbath cover. I'd love to do a Black Sabbath medley. Hopefully you may hear it in our next record, maybe not, I don't know!



RockOverdose: That would be great! Black Sabbath are the fathers of metal!


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Of course! You can't hear a metal song or a metal riff without Black Sabbath credits coming up with!



RockOverdose: What about your other band Steel Prophet? 


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): We are working on a new record too. I don't have a title for that. Lia (R.D. Liapakis) now joined the band, has now joined the band and took as to another level! So, Lia if you're listening let's get to work!



RockOverdose: I suppose this album will be released during 2022?


Vincent Price(Body Count/Steel Prophet): I wouldn't say maybe. I'm ready to do whatever the label asks for.



RockOverdose: Any other projects that you're doing this period?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Just living my life! The most important project! Geting better as an individual for one, the way I can spread to the one that are closer to me. I don't want to get into details, but this pandemic has done a lot of damage I would say in our lives, it's something I don't like to talk about right now.


RockOverdose: Who's your favorite bass player?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Oh my God! Steve Harris! When I first learned to play the bass, I only played two stings. When I heard Steve Harris  I said "What the heck is going on!!!", and I immediatelly wanted to play like that! Steve Harris got me into that, and basically he extended my mind more.

I have a lot of influences but Steve Harris is the main one, because it's all about song writing, that's the most important. I prefer songwriting more than just learning to play in the right note, scale etc...



RockOverdose: How is Ice - T as a person, what about him?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): He is great! He is always one step ahead or two steps ahead I would say! He writes so much, it's crazy!



RockOverdose: I suppose the new album will be released very soon. Maybe in 2022.


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): Yeah, I think 2022, is fair.



RockOverdose: Do you have any other news to reveal?


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): No. I think it's enough.



RockOverdose: Thank you very much for your time! I wish you the best and why not see you in Greece too!


Vincent Price (Body Count/Steel Prophet): My pleasure! Promoters out there we are ready to come to Greece!


For RockOverdose, 

Zisis Petkanas


transcript: Vivi Zapantiotou