Brent Rambler (AUGUST BURNS RED) on Rock Overdose: “The new album will be heavier and more aggressive”

We are very happy to present you the interview that Brent Rambler, the guitarist of August Burns Red, gave to Rock Overdose and Konstantinos Sotirelis.



Rock Overdose: How it’s going on the band’s side these days?



Brent: Things are going well. We are just home and preparing for the release of our new record.

Rock Overdose: You are going to release your new, seventh album called "Phantom Anthem", on October 6. How do you feel?



Brent: We feel great!
Rock Overdose: What should be expect on the new album and what will the differences be from the "Found In Far Away Places".



Brent: You should expect a heavier and more aggressive album than we had on FIFAP.


Rock Overdose: I’ve heard your new song, “Invisible Enemy”, and I have to say I really liked it. What’s the feedback so far from the press and the fans?



Brent: So far everyone seems to really dig the song. I can't really say I've seen anything negative.
Rock Overdose: You had a European tour for the tenth anniversary of the much-loved album "Messengers". What was the feedback?



Brent: We sold out 10 of the 16 Messengers shows on that tour so we were really excited by that. The fans seemed to love it!

Rock Overdose: If you had to pick up the greatest moment from this tour, what would be that?



Brent: I think the show in Paris was my favorite show. We played a hot, sweaty boat and the power went out mid set, but then came back on. It was just a wild show.


Rock Overdose: Do you plan to come back to Europe for the promotion of your new album?



Brent: Yes! We just announced a tour with HeavenShallBurn this morning. It kicks off in March and should be great!
Rock Overdose: Do you have any plans of returning in Greece for a show?



Brent: Not in the near future. It's a very hard place to get to. I'm not sure when we will return, but hopefully we will be back sometime!
Rock Overdose: Do you have any memories from your last performance in Greece?



Brent: I remember that the show was really wild, and we had a great time visiting all of the sites in Athens.


Rock Overdose: Have you ever thought that August Burns Red would become a huge band like it is now?



Brent: No I did not! Hopefully we will keep growing!

Rock Overdose: A few years ago, the die-hard metal fans usually didn’t respect metalcore. Do you think that this has changed now?



Brent: I'm not sure if that has changed. I think that metalcore is still looked down upon as whole, but I think a few bands have kind of risen to the top of pile. Bands like Architects and Parkway Drive kind of command respect as this point.
Rock Overdose: After so many years, you are one of the most respectable metalcore bands in metal. How do you feel about this?



Brent: I feel pretty great about it! I'm glad that you think so.



Rock Overdose: Thank you for this interview, the last words are yours.


Brent: Thank you for having us!


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