AND THEN SHE CAME on Rock Overdose: “We have a lot of great memories with Krypteria but now we are working on with our new band.”

We are very happy to present you the interview that And Then She Came gave to Rock Overdose and Zisis Petkanas. The band talked about their plans, their new album, their previous band, Krypteria, and many other interesting things. Enjoy the interview!



Rock Overdose: Welcome to Rock Overdose. It’s great honor to have you here.



Ji-In: Fine, thank you!



Kuschi: Thank you very much for having us.



Rock Overdose: So, would you like to tell us about your new band, And Then She Came, if it’s the same as Krypteria?



Kuschi: Alright. It’s not the same as Krypteria. There is a lot of similarity. We have similar line-up, but it’s a completely new band. It’s all started as a movie soundtrack project and we didn’t really plan on turning it into a frequent band and during the working on  soundtrack, it just developed that we haven’t done anything together in a long time and we felt like at home working together again and it didn’t take us long to see that we should really make a great rock and metal album and get back on stage because this is what we are doing because we like each other so that’s how it all happened. Again, we  didin’t plan, it just happened organically.



Rock Overdose: So It’s a completely new band and It’ isn’t the same that you started with Krypteria.



Kuschi: No, it’s completely new band. It’s an independent band and it’s not a side project or anything like this. We have a new album, we are a new band even though we know each other for a long time and we are very excited about the release of our debut album, which is going to come out on 24th of June. We can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it.



Rock Overdose: Would you like to introduce us the members of the band?



Ji-In: Yeah, of course. We are four members. The drummer Kuschi, the bass player Frank, the guitar player Olli and me.



Rock Overdose: How would you characterize you new album’s sound?



Kuschi: It’s a very diverse album. We wanted to emphasize on the two opposites that we have on this album. We have on the one side a lot of electronic parts and on the other hand we have many organic and more hard stuff. So the combination of those two it’s kind of like what this albums is about. It’s a lot different of what we did with Krypteria. We were thinking about making an album that would be great to introduce on the stage so as to have a lot of energy.


Rock Overdose: Where was your first live appearance?



Kuschi: Our first official live appearance was on June 8 at Rock Hard’ s festival in Germany. It’s a great festival, we used to play with Krypteria before, it’s a great stage. We also had a warp up show two weeks before that.




Rock Overdose: Is there any song of your upcoming album on youtube?



Kuschi: Oh, yeah of course. We released a video for “Hellfire Halo”. We decided to do this song because it has heavy guitar riffs and it’s the best so as to introduce the new band.



Rock Overdose: Why did you choose this name “And Then She Came”?



Ji-In: It was my idea I think ha-ha. We liked that name because there are many many variations to its means.



Kuschi: We wanted to pick a name that will make people think. It’s about something, a person, an animal, something that you are in conjunction with but you don’t know what it’s going to happen next. That was the original idea. But people took it to different area.



Rock Overdose: What happened with Krypteria and you didn’t continue the band?



Kuschi: Four years ago we came home from a tour in Asia, in China, Korea and we found out that Ji-In was becoming a mother and we wouldn’t have enough time to handle this situation so we decided to put Krypteria in hiatus. We like each other, we hang out with each other but we didn’t have plans to continue with Krypteria. We didn’t have to start a new band, it just happened. Another question might be what are Krypteria now. We never said that the band stops forever but right now our main focus is on And Then She Came. That’s why we are really working on with the band.




Rock Overdose: But you are not negative to reform Krypteria?



Kuschi: There are no plans about Krypteria. Never say never but right now we are focusing on And Then She Came.



Ji-In: We have a lot of great memories with Krypteria but now we are working on with our new band.



Rock Overdose: What about your next plans?



Kuschi: We are planning to release a couple of more videos. After the release of the album we are planning to take the band on tour. We will play many shows in Europe, in Asia and South America and we are very excited about that. Also, we already have many songs about the second album but right now we are talking about playing live only, that’s my priority now. There is going to be a very special concert in September and we will make it a DvD that concert and it’s going to be released later this year.




Rock Overdose: Playing live is the best for musicians I think, in order to let people listen to your music and meet the band.



Kuschi: Back in the day you met people in the concert but now you know a bunch people before we even play for them, because of the internet. It happened many times for us.



Rock Overdose: Is there any other news that you would like to revail through this interview?



Kuschi: I think we’ve talked about our new album a lot, so if anyone feels that he wants to let us know what he thinks about our music or our video, please talk to us. There is no record company, it’s all us. Also, I would like to tell you guys that we are coming to Greece because I’ve been in Greece and you guys are really passionate and crazy. Greece is definitely in our plans.



Rock Overdose: Do you have any other side projects?



Kuschi: No, right now we are focused on And Then She Came



Rock Overdose: Would you like to leave a message to your fans?



Ji-In: Yeah, We can’t wait to meet you, to see your energy and your passionate. We can’t wait to see you.



Rock Overdose: At this point I want to thank you very much for the interview and  I wish good luck with the band


Ji-In: Thank you



Kuschi: Thank you




For Rock Overdose,


Interview: Petkanas Zisis

Transcription: Sotirelis Konstantinos