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Revolution Renaissance – Trinity (2010)

Symphonic Power Metal from Finland

Line Up:

Gustavo "Gus" Monsanto - Vocals (Lord of Mushrooms, Takara, Overdose (Bra), Astra (Bra), Skyrion, Julien Damotte, Lightseekers, Adagio (Fra))
Timo Tolkki - Guitars (Stratovarius)
Magnus Rosén - Bass (HammerFall, Jørn, Keegan, Planet Alliance, X-World/5, Full Force)
Bruno Agra - Drums (Aquaria, Uirapuru)
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards...
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Manticora – Safe (2010)

Progressive Power / Speed Metal from Denmark

Line Up:

Lars F. Larsen - Vocals (Fear Itself, Fool's Game)
Kristian H. Larsen - Guitars (Fear Itself)
Martin Arendal - Guitars (Wuthering Heights)
Kasper Gram - Bass (Ureas, Evil Masquerade, Wuthering Heights, Missing Tide)
Mads Volf - Drums (Human Factor (Dnk), Rip and Tear,...
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Η παραδοσιακή heavy metal μπάντα με τα γυναικεία φωνητικά των CRYSTAL VIPER , θα κυκλοφορήσει το νέο της άλμπουμ,"Legends" στις 22 Οκτωβρίου, μέσω της AFM Records.
'Οπως καταλαβαίνουμε και απο τον τίτλο, οι στίχοι στο cd αναφέρονται στους μύθους της Πολωνίας απο το Μεσαίωνα. Το εξώφυλλο το σχεδίασε ο Γάλλος Chris...
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Οι Tony MacApline, Virgil Donati και Μark Boals ενωνονται για το project ”Seven The Hardway”

SEVEN THE HARDWAY λεγετε η νεα progressive rock/metal μπαντα απο την Καλιφορνια που αποτελειται απο τους Τοny Macalpine (Steve Vai,Planet X,Cab), Virgil Donati (Planet X, Steve Vai, Soul Sirkus), Mark Boals (Uli Jon Roth, Royal Hunt, Yngwie Malmsteen), Doug Shreeve και την 21χρονη αργεντινη Stefania Daniel στις κιθαρες κυκλοφορησαν στις 23 αυγουστου στην Ευρωπη το...
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Margin Of Existence

Margin of Existence was formed by Alex Bondroit(Guitars) and George Triantafilou(Vocals) in the summer of 2006.
They started to work on some songs of their own,trying to combine aggression and melody,to bring out their own sound,influenced by swedish melodic death metal bands such as At the Gates,In Flames,The Haunted,Nightrage and generally by the metal...
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ADMONISHER – Greek Melodic Power Metal!

Admonisher were formed in 1999 by the vocalist Angelvoice and guitarist Heretic. Classical music and the decade of 80's were the main influences of the band. The first promo was recorded at Benzoil Studio in Thessaloniki (2000). Never released in public, only sent to Greek Metal Hammer (that gave 7/10) and some fanzines. Drums played...
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