Empty Tremor – Iridium 2010

Progressive Metal of the highest order! The Fourth Album of the band!

Iridium is the new interpretation of prog metal by Empty Tremor. Various influences and an extreme attention to arrangements make the album a container of 9 masterpieces, that the wonderful Giò De Luigi voice enhances in an intense emotional involvement. The Empty Tremor album long awaited by fans!

1. Breaking The Mirror, 2. Run, 3. Warm Embrace, 4. Autumn Leaves, 5. Friends In Progression, 6. Unconditional Love, 7. Everyday, 8. The Last Day On Earth, 9. Iridium

Giovanni de Luigi - Lead and Back vocals (From Apocolokyntosys to Eros and Thanatos, "Gio" is back!)
Dennis Randi - Bass
Marco Guerrini - Lead & Rythm Guitars
Christian Tombetti - Lead & Rythm Guitars
Marco Scott Gilardi - Keyboards & Back vocals
Dario Ciccioni - Drums & Percuccions
(Dario Ciccioni works with: Hartmnann's Band, empYrios, Twinspirits, Daniele Liverani, Khymera, Genius Rock Opera, Daniele Gottardo, Tommy Ermolli, Centrica and John Jeff Touch)
Producer: Marco Scott Gilardi & Empty Tremor

Everything starts in 1993, when a strong passion for music united five kids from Mezzano, near Ravenna (Italy). They were noticed by Daniele Liverani, 23 years old guitarist, that started jamming with them as keyboard player. Daniele introduced them to progressive, and thanks to this boost the band records “Apocolokyntosys” in 1997 and “Eros & Thanatos” in 1999 till to have the great pleasure to open the Malmsteen’s concert in Italy. In 2004 Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia, At Vance, Rhapsody, Genius) records the lead and background voices for the album “The Alien Inside” and Empty Tremor receiving a call from Dream Theater asking them to open each one of their live concerts of “Train of Thoughts” Italian tour. The fourth album “IRIDIUM” is published by SG Records, distributed by 7HARD and features an enthusiastic return of Giò De Luigi, singer of the first two Empty Tremor works.

Release Date : 01.10.2010
Label: 7Hard E-mail to label manager
Recording Location: Italy
Track Listing:
1. Breaking The Mirror 6:26
2. Run 4:04
3. Warm Embrace 10:33
4. Autumn Leaves 8:06
5. Friends In Progression 5:44
6. Unconditional Love 8:31
7. Everyday 4:47
8. The Last Day On Earth 5:57
9. Iridium 9:36