CLOAK: Listen exclusive first track premiere of the forthcoming new album!

Below you can enjoy first track premiere "Beyond the Veil" of the forthcoming new CLOAK album, titled 'To Venomous Depths', which will be out on November 10th via Season Of Mist!

CLOAK comment: "The making of To Venomous Depths was a journey full of pain, setbacks and frustration, which is the reason the final product is so victorious. The core of this album represents the triumph of darkness over light, strength over weakness, and progression over complacency. None of these things will ever come easy because a life of true liberation is a life of strife. Beyond The Veil has a very specific place on the album. It's a song of high and low, both musically and lyrically. We could even call it a song of celebration or praise, one that represents a continuous cycle of growth, death, and rebirth. It serves as an adoration for the source that provides us with inspiration and purpose."


Americans are not claiming to be reinventing the wheel, their outstanding song- writing is catapulting this album to the top. CLOAK have named DISSECTION, DEEP PURPLE, and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM as main influences, but their harsh yet groove-fuelled sound has invited critics to draw comparisons with such acts as TRIBULATION, WATAIN, and YOUNG AND IN THE WAY.

After spending two years in the rehearsal room carefully preparing their material, CLOAK released a first sign of life in the shape of 'Demo 2015', which created an audible buzz in the US underground. A two-track, self-titled EP followed in 2016, gaining the Americans worldwide attention and critical acclaim. In their short time of existence, CLOAK have already shared stages with renowned acts such as WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, WINDHAND, INTER ARMA, SATAN, and TAAKE. It will not take CLOAK long to capture your interest, but with each new spin 'To Venomous Depths' will reveal new details that make their discovery worthwhile. There are no fillers on this debut album, just hits. Let's rock this cool darkness!


  1. To Venomous Depths / Where No Light Shines (7:53)
  2. Within the Timeless Black (6:56)
  3. The Hunger (6:10)
  4. Beyond the Veil (6:42)
  5. Death Posture (4:06)
  6. In the Darkness, the Path (6:33)
  7. Forever Burned (6:12)
  8. Passage (2:47)
  9. Deep Red (10:05)

Line-up Scott Taysom: voice, guitar Max Brigham: guitar Matt Scott: bass Sean Bruneau: drums

Style: Blackened Death Rock