Danny Vaughn (TYKETTO) on Rock Overdose: “We are planning on playing the entire “Don’t Come Easy” album at Chania”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Danny Vaughn, from Tyketto, gave to Sotirelis Konstantinos and Rock Overdose. The frontman of the band talked about Chania Rock Festival, about their new and their previous album and their next plans! Enjoy the interview!



Rock Overdose: Hey, welcome to Rock Overdose.



Danny Vaughn: Thank you very much. Nice to be here.



Rock Overdose: So, how it’s going on Tyketto’s  field these days?



Danny Vaughn: It’s going extremely well. We are busier than ever, more in demand than ever and ready to take on the world.



Rock Overdose: What are your memories of the first time that you visited Greece, with Bonfire, 11 years ago?



Danny Vaughn: I remember that there was no beer left for anyone back stage because Redrum drank it all while we were on stage.



Rock Overdose: What’s your opinion about the Greek fans?



Danny Vaughn: Like rock fans all over the world: dedicated, fun-loving, and very intense about their music.



Rock Overdose: This time you’re visiting Chania Rock Festival, alongside with great rock and metal bands. How do you feel?



Danny Vaughn: We are really happy that we have the opportunity to play in places like Chania. There are a nmber of countries where we haven’t been able to play for a very long time. So to come back to Greece, France, Germany, etc. is very exciting for the whole band.


Tyketto Chania


Rock Overdose: What should the Greek fans expect from your show?



Danny Vaughn: Tyketto has always been, first and foremost, a live band. I can proudly say that I have never seen a bad live review of the band. We work very hard because we know our audience works very hard and we want to give back as much effort and fire as they give to us to keep us rolling. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of our first album, “Don’t Come Easy”, which is now considered a rock classic (for which we are very grateful) so we are planning on playing the entire album at Chania.



Rock Overdose: Υοur latest album, “Dig in deep”, released in 2012. Can you tell us some words about it?



Danny Vaughn: I’m afraid that I find the album a bit disjointed and incomplete. It does have some great Tyketto songs on it, like “Faithless” and “Dig In Deep”, but it was created in a haphazard way that shows itself in the final mix. We worked very hard on it but not everyone could put in the same amount of time and effort and that led to a couple of “filler” songs being included on it.



Rock Overdose: I think that you are mixing your new album now, right? What are your expectations?



Danny Vaughn: The mix and mastering have just been finished and the new album will be released on Frontiers Records in October of 2016. This could very well be our best album ever! It is certainly the finest performances from each band member that I have yet heard. We have really unleashed the beast that is Michael Clayton Arbeeny on drums. I think that he and Chris Childs (bass) pushed each other to try new things and step out more and more on the songs. This is also the first album we have done with our new guitar player, Chris Green. He is one of the most strikingly talented guitarists I have ever seen anywhere and the intensity he brought to the song writing, recording, playing and mixing was a huge step forward for us. This is also the first album that features Ged Rylands (Rage Of Angels), who has been our live keyboard player and backing vocalist for several years now. He’s jumped in with the rest of us and recorded some great work on this album. As for me, well, I’m still singing pretty damn well and I had a lot to live up to standing in front of this group of exceptional musicians. This album is going to turn some heads and rattle some cages! I brought it to the gym the other day and it’s such a great album to work out to that I think I hurt myself!




Rock Overdose: Rock Overdose: When do you plan to release it and how will it sound?

Danny Vaughn: October 15, 2016. It’s a monster.




Rock Overdose: Can you tell us a few details such as how long did it take so as to prepare and record it, how it’s called etc. ?



Danny Vaughn: We still haven’t quite decided on the title but it’s a 12 song album, about an hour long. The writing on this one was different from “Dig In Deep” because we spent almost two years sending each other ideas and working on them. The demos were all written in and played on from different studios, quite often in different countries. If I got an idea I would record just my vocals and an acoustic guitar and send it on to Michael in New Jersey, who would try different drum parts from his house before passing them on to Chris, who added all of the guitars from Atlanta and then kick that all over to England for Chris Childs and Ged to add their parts on. It is a bizarre way to work but it is how things are best done these days. We did very little playing together before going into Rockfield Studios in Wales, UK to record it. That took about 3 weeks and then we took a break. It was an intense period of work and we needed some time away from it. Mixing was done in Sound Spa Studios in New Jersey and we added more magic there. All in all, this album was recorded the old fashioned way and we were very inspired working like that. It felt right.



Rock Overdose: You had also announced that the new album will come together with a European tour in November. So, are you excited with these?



Danny Vaughn: Of course! Before that we are playing this summer at Rockfest in Barcelona, Bang Your Head in Germany, Chania Rock Festival in Greece, and the Monsters Of Rock Cruise Hollywood! So we are getting out there to play for everyone we can.



Rock Overdose: What does the music mean to you?



Danny Vaughn: It’s my heart and soul.



Rock Overdose: How do you see the future of Tyketto?



Danny Vaughn: I am open to anything!! How could we ever suspect that, 25 years later we would still be strong and vital and gaining more fans all of the time? Things are getting bigger and better for us every step of the way and we intend to follow that road as long and as far as it will take us.



Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for the interview. The last words are yours.



Danny Vaughn: Every day I am thankful. I never dreamed that I would be able to keep walking this world by singing and playing music. There is no retirement plan for this. Players play, that’s all we know. So thank you to everyone that wants to listen. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you all over the world.


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