Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER) on Rock Overdose: “The aura of heavy metal signs more, through our new album!”


Viking Metal pioneers EINHERJER released their eighth studio album "North Star" on February 26, 2021,  marking  the band’s return to Napalm Records after 25 years!


Gerhard Storesund, drummer talks on RockOverdose and Zisis Petkanas, on what to expect from "North Star" as well as the process of making during the covid period and of course their plans for the future.






RockOverdose: Welcome to RockOverdose! How are you?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): I'm good, really good! I think it's a relief that we finaly got the album!



RockOverdose: If I'm right that's your 8th full length album...

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Yes, that's right! It will be released on February 26th actually via Napalm Records!



RockOverdose:Would you like to tell us what the fans should expect from this release!

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): If they are familiar with the band they should expect something in the line to the previous album. We used the same recipe, the same studio, the same producer. I think is the same shit, different wrapping. Maybe it has more heavy itch than the previous one. The aura of heavy metal signs more through, than it did on the last album. I would say it's heavier!




RockOverdose:What about the concept of this album?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): We never had any concept actually. Earlier on, before our break in 2009 ... we had more like storytelling themes like Viking stuff. We still implement that in the lyrics but we have more things on personal level. I had to interprete Frode Glesnes lyrics even myself, we basically write together now 50%-50%.


RockOverdose: You're the main songwriter?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): These days me and Frode basically write most of the lyrics. Back in the day I wrote most of it. It's 50-50 now.






RockOverdose: So far you have released videos for the singles "The Blood And The Iron", as well as "Stars". Are you planning to release any other single?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Yes, actually we are. We are working with Austin, for many years. He's a brilliant designer! We're going to do an animated video for "West Coast Groove"!




RockOverdose: I think is difficult now to make videos with the band now, because of the covid?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): It was supposed to do all videos with the band but because of the covid, we couldn't travel so that was the perfect solution! We got also another guy to do the videos



RockOverdose: I'm sure that the pandemic has affected some of your music plans. 

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Well obviously yes. In early 2020, we were on Metal Cruise and after that we had planned a european tour and a norwegian tour that was cancelled. Most of that are postponed so I don't know if they will happen, we hope ... it's a long time till summer or september.  It's going to be difficult. In Norway we can have max 50 people in a venue, we are lucky! We had  a release gig on the 26th actually in a theater venue, 200 people seated that's the best thing we can do right now. Anything happens form week to week basis, we don't know how it will be.

Close bars and restaurants are also a big problem here in Norway as well, cause we like to drink, people want to go out, but we're not sure if drinking is allowed in concerts yet. We just have to make the best of it. I think it's going to be difficult to have again together 30000 people in a field,  I don't see it's going to happen any time soon... It's a big change!

Many people want to survive. Booking agencies and all that stuff are all bankrupted! I even see in the newspapers that musicians sell all their equipment to get food! So, this will be over at one point or other...but it will take a lot of time to return back to normal, at least.

Let's pray for the best!




RockOverdose: This year marks your 25th anniversary with Napalm Records. What's the secret of this strong cooperation? 


Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Actually we did our 1st album there, then we left but right now I can't tell you why, cause I really don't know myself ... it was a bad idea indeed. Our contract with the previous label was fullfilled so we had a chance to go again to Napalm Records that was interested. Basically it is a tour operator for us, the best think that could happen to us right now.


RockOverdose: Would you like to tell us how the band began and how was it's evolution till today?


Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER):We started in 1993, in the new wave of black metal that's where we grew up. Every body was playing black metal but we had different influences, more classic heavy metal ... stuff like that. I think we have the same background as black metal but in a different way, the viking metal. We had a lot of ups & downs throughout our career I guess. Line up changes, back in 2009 after "Blot" album we needed a break, we had enough of the vikings thing ... We played in a different band Battered -  I don't know if you're familiar with that, it's thrash metal band, we released an album and travelled a little bit around Europe. It was refreshing to do something different for a while. To be honest we learned a lot through that, even on music making, I think if you listen our music before and after that break there would be difference. The new stuff is a bit colored, more riff based than earlier. From 2009, when we started back again and till now I think we have a lot more stable band, with labels, band members and so the music is more predictable in a good way. You get what do you expect!

What will happen on the next album is impossible to know for us now, but I think that if we continue down this road with minor differences, obviously it's the songs that makes the difference, even if you follow the same recipe for the next album as well.



What are the first reactions from fans and press so far?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER):Very good! Actually on some point overwelming! That's really great! After we signed in new labels, there have been many interviews from the press like many a day! The reactions has  been fantastic. I think we did something right with this album!


RockOverdose: Are there any other news that you'd like to reveal throught


Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): It's the wrong year for that question cause we don't know what's going to happen. The good thing for us is that we have jobs, we don't totally rely on the band to survive. It's confusing times. The only good thing for me is the release of the album, when you've been working for so long, holding the album is the best thing for being in the band, to finally get your product in your hands finished after so long!


RockOverdose: What about your memories or connection with Greece?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): We haven't played in Greece so far. Some years ago I've been for holidays there but the weather was not good in September. Seriously, Greece is a place we want to go an play. Usually we play in Central Europe, but we want to visit other places as well.


RockOverdose: We wish to happen soon! 

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Everything has an end, the pandemic as well. This year is screwed but maybe next year, but there's no clue.


RockOverdose: Would you like to leave a message to your fans in Greece and anywhere?

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): Greece is on the radar for us, we hope to visit more countries. It's important to support your favorite bands because there are bands that are starving! So, don't just listen to spotify, buy their merch! That's the most important for the bands! Normal people are struggling these days as well, losing their jobs, help if you can!


RockOverdose: Thank you very much for this interview and I wish you all the best for the new album. Hope to see you in Greece!

Gerhard Storesund (EINHERJER): So do I hopefully!