ERIC WAGNER’s BLACKFINGER: Premiere of the new video clip for the song “Afternow”

Singer ERIC WAGNER, formerly of TROUBLE and currently of THE SKULL, brings his unique and legendary voice to the next BLACKFINGER album, WhenColors Fade Away. Now based in Pittsburgh, PA, Eric has a new BLACKFINGER lineup including another familiar name in doom circles, guitaristTerry Weston (DREAM DEATH and PENANCE).


Watch the new video clip for the song "Afternow":



Eric said about "Afternow": "I think 'Afternow' is about wondering why things are the way they are when they don't really need to be. Maybe if we could only catch a glimpse of where we came from, it might be enough to change the future. (Wishful, I'm afraid.)"


As for the album:


“Colors were a common theme throughout the first record I think it was a reference for life, or maybe it was hope,” explains Eric Wagner. “What happens when colors start to fade or you feel like all hope is lost?I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to confront your dark side in order to get to the light.When I saw the photographs of the old abandoned funeral home by Matt Bluejay, I thought it would make the perfect album cover for When Colors Fade Away, and the start of the journey to feel good about oneself again.