FROSTTIDE on Rock Overdose:” We just released our new single ‘From Dusk to Ascend’”

After the release of Finnish metal band FROSTTIDE's new single “From Dusk to Ascend”, Rock Overdose and Elena Darzenta had the pleasure to talk with Felipe, the keyboardist of the band.



Rock Overdose: Hello and welcome again to Rock Overdose! A lot of things have changed since the last time we had an interview together! Rearrangements in the line-up, new website, new webstore, a Canadian Tour and a new single! How do you foresee the future of the “new” Frosttide band?


Felipe: Hello! Is great to be back again at Rock Overdose! Yeah, there were some changes within the band during the past months. We are starting a new chapter and working on a new album. Our new single "From Dusk to Ascend" was released a couple of weeks ago and in few days we will embark on our very first North American tour! It has not been an easy first half of the year for the band but we have kept our spirits high and continued working on new material. Now that the new single is out, I would say that things are back to normal. The mood within the band is great and all of us are very motivated on creating music and keeping the band alive.



Rock Overdose:  Your new single “From Dusk to Ascend” has been released on 14th of July. Tell us a few things about it. Also, when can we expect a new album?


Felipe: This track will be featured in our forthcoming album. “From Dusk To Ascend” combines the traditional Frosttide sound with the new elements and sound that will be heard in our new album. Having a "new" singer brought a lot of possibilities for the vocal arrangements, which gave a greater range of expression and dimension to the song. We are very happy how this track turned out! After 2 albums that were strongly based on symphonic elements, we wanted to bring a more organic sound for the band and not rely entirely on orchestrations. For example, in this single, guitars are more prominent than in our previous material.


Keyboards don't double every single guitar melody, instead, these play some additional and complementary melodies. We put attention on keeping the dynamic elements. We have reduced the orchestral elements in the parts where guitars have the main role, yet these come back when the keyboards and orchestrations take over. These little changes provided a clearer sound. There is no need to worry, there will be definitely orchestrations in the new album to bring the classic bombastic elements but it will be also heavier! At the moment there is not a set date for the album release, but it will be during the next year for sure.



Rock Overdose:  Are there any plans for a European Tour maybe?


Felipe: There is always the intention to play in Europe. There are so many good bands/friends around there that we would like tour with! But after the Canadian tour we will continue working on the new album.  Once the new album is out, we will try to arrange some shows to promote it in Europe. We had a great time there supporting our previous records. It would be great to meet our old friends and to play shows within Europe again!



Rock Overdose:  What is your biggest challenge as a band from now on?


Felipe: I think every new album chapter is full with challenges. So it is difficult to say which is the greatest one. We need to keep working to improve our skills as musicians in order to create the best album possible.



Rock Overdose: Any new members in the line-up in the future? Maybe, a new lead singer?


Felipe: We are very happy with Juho (guitars/vocals) being our new lead singer. He has developed a great singing technique through the years that has brought more diverse vocal arrangements to the songs. We are very happy to have him as the new voice of the band. So we definitely won't be looking for a new lead singer.


At the moment we have two session members that are helping us during the live shows. These are Markus Hirvonen on guitars/vocals and Taneli Jämsä on bass. Both are good friends of the band and extremely talented musicians. We are very thankful to have them on board for this tour! On the other hand, experience has taught us to take our time when choosing a new band member.


We need to see how the chemistry works in other aspects besides playing music. Our band is a unit where everybody's input is needed. We are not in a hurry at the moment. We will continue working in this new album as a 3-piece band.



Rock Overdose:  Is there anything special that you would like to share with us?


Felipe: "Bring on the marketing!" We just released our new single "From Dusk to Ascend" and we are very happy of the positive feedback it has received so far! If you haven't listened to it yet, check it out at our YouTube channel. The single, which includes 2 bonus songs, is available for stream and purchase at our bandcamp page


and available as a deluxe edition at our webstore


We thank the ones who have supported us with this release. We salute you! Also if you want to stay up to date with the recordings of our new album, check out our studio diary webisodes at our YouTube channel! You can also find additional information from the recordings in our Facebook page and Instagram. Thank you for your support!



Rock Overdose:  Thank you for your time! Hope to see you soon one day in Greece! The last words are yours.


Felipe: Thank you for having us here! We look forward to play someday in Greece! We want to thank Rock Overdose and all the ones who have been supporting us through these years. We hope you enjoyed our new single as much as we did recording it. Cheers!




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Elena Darzenta