GEORGE GAKIS: Δείτε το video για το “Parallel Dimensions” απ’ το ομότιτλο album που κυκλοφόρησε σήμερα via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!

Κυκλοφορεί επίσημα από σήμερα 26 Μαϊου από τη ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records το νέο album του Γιώργου Γάκη με τίτλο  “Parallel Dimensions”!

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1.    Insane
2.    Everything You Want
3.    Who Made You A Woman?
4.    Nightmare Dreamer
5.    Fake
6.    Torn
7.    Parallel Dimensions
8.    My Daddy Said
9.    I Love to Kiss Your Love
10.    Some Other Man Will
11.    Dancing with Your Demons
12.    In the Name Of Rock ‘n’ Roll



Music / Lyrics by George Gakis
Director Kostas Mantalias
Guitar and Bass by Bob Saganas
Drums by Sotiris Gakis
Vocals by George Gakis
Group vocals by George Gakis, Sotiris Gakis, Bob Saganas, George Tzahristas, George Stergiou



“Parallel Dimensions” line-up:
George Gakis - Vocals / Background vocals
Bob Saganas - Guitars / Bass
Sotiris Gakis - Drums

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