GRÁ on Rock Overdose: “I encourage you to come to the gigs because we have a little surprise”

We are very honored to present you the interview that the black metallers from Sweden, GRÁ, gave to Rock Overdose and to Sotirelis Konstantinos. The band talked about many  interesting issues. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hello! Welcome to Rock Overdose! How it’s going on Gra’s side these days?


Gra: Hello! Well things are intense as fuck right now, writing this from the van, going from Varna to Svishtov (Bulgaria). Response for the tour has been exceeding all expectations and the crowds are wild! Busy but rewarding days.


Rock Overdose: On September 12 you began the the ”A Coin For Charon Tour”. How do  you feel?


Gra: We are all a bit tired from all the traveling but also as I said boosted by the great response we have gotten from the people coming to the shows, the great clubs and the hospitality!


Rock Overdose: You’re going to visit Greece on September 17. What should the fans expect to see in this show?


Gra: Yes we come tomorrow in fact to Thessaloniki. Expect something that you have not seen before, we have a great set prepared for you!




Rock Overdose: The band’s latest album released a few months ago. Do you have any plans for a new one? Could you reveal any details?


Gra: Yes that’s correct, we released Ending after two years of hard work. Yes there will be more music in the future. In fact I encourage you to come to the gigs because we have a little surprise…


Rock Overdose: What’s the feedback so far for the “Ending”?


Gra: I think it has been great, the reviews are great and the feedback from the fans too. We are really proud with the album and as I said we took two years to make it so it better be fucking good (laughs)


Rock Overdose: I ‘ve read that you chose this title because this album is the end of an era. Could you tell us which era is coming to the end and what ‘s going to happen after that?


Gra: Since we started the band we have been working around the concept of death. From the wish for it, through the actual dying, the burial rituals we have (burying in the ground, cremating and so on). That ended with Ending, the circle is completed and now we break new ground. As I said, come to the show and you will get a glimpse of the future.



Rock Overdose: I believe that your music is something that black metal needed, something new without getting to far from black metal’s roots. What ‘s your opinion on that and how would you describe your music?


Gra: Well I guess we are doing something unique, while having classic Swedish black metal as the main frame we work within. We include classic Scandinavian folk music vibes (the darkness of it, not the happy and jolly parts) and we are not strangers for breaking new ground. People often tell us that we really don’t sound like any other band, other than in small fragments, which mostly are from the 90’s era of Scandinavian black metal. One band that we all agree is a big influence are Bathory. Throw in some Venom and maybe Fenriz’s Isengard in there and maybe we are getting some kind of half decent description.




Rock Overdose: What are the band’s next plans?


Gra: Well right now we are on tour and after that we will continue with what we reveal during the concerts, the future is ours. More tours in the future hopefully too.


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview, it was a great honor. The last words are yours.


Gra: Thank you for your time and support! See you in Greece! Hell Charon!