JEFF WATERS (Annihilator): He begun writing the new album, which seems to be very thrashy!

Legendary guitarist Jeff Waters from the thrashers Annihilator gave an interview to Rock Overdose and Konstantinos Sotirelis, in which he revealed that he has begun writing the new Annihilator album and from his words, it seems that it's going to be really thrashy!


"Rock Overdose: Your latest album, "Suicide Society", was released one and a half year ago. Do you have any plans for a new one?


Jeff Waters: Yeah! Well, right now we have this DVD, "Triple Threat", coming out and people think that I'm very busy with this release, but that was already finished months ago and our tour finished and now I go to studio and try to make a better record. "


When Waters was asked to give a few details about the new record, he stated:


"You know, it's too early to know but the only thing I want to make sure is, there are two things I want to do or not do on this one. The last record, you could really hear my influences, you can hear in my voice the Hetfield and Mustaine, so I let my voice, that's because I'm a big fan of them, and a couple of songs like "My Revenge" and another one, sounded very much like Metallica and even Megadeth on another song. So, that's more the fan part of Jeff Waters coming out in the music, so, the next one I want to do more Waters' vocals, Waters' style again, cause i remember that "Alison Hell", "Never Neverland" and "King of the Kill" were probably the most original sounding, that really sounded like me, like Annihilator. So I want go back, a little bit to that. And the other thing I want to do is, on "Suicide Society" I really wanted to make the choruses very very catchy. That means you hear it once and you remember it. This time I'm not going to try this. I'm going to say that even if it's a scream or something heavy, I'm not going to change and make it commercial and melodic and catchy. I'm just going to write the song and that's how I worked the early days."


Jeff Waters also shared his opinion about the new Testament and Metallica album and he found them very good albums, but he listened to them only once because he don't want to be influenced by them on his new record.


You will have the opportunity to read the whole interview from Jeff Waters very soon on Rock Overdose.