John Gallagher (RAVEN) on Rock Overdose:” We are extremely proud of ‘Metal City’ album”.


After 40years and the RAVEN still flies high and it's not time to landed!!


The 18th of September, their new album " Metal City", will be out and we have the great honor that Mr John Gallagher -vocalist/bassist- accepted to answer some questions to John Falangis from UK and to Pavlos Giannakopoulos from Greece for Rock Overdose!




Rock Overdose (John): First of all John , thanks for your time and tell us what do you remember from your concerts back in Greece and the Greek fans?


John Gallagher: Hi! I remember those concerts being amazing.. the Greek fans were just unbelievably crazy!!!! Definitely a highlight of what was a great tour for us.



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): At what age did you start playing a musical instrument? 


John Gallagher: Hmmm.. I must have been around 14 years old .. we’d been on holiday to Spain and Mark had gotten a classical style guitar which we fought over! I got my first bass ... Christmas 1974... a Ibanez copy of a jazz bass... kinda!




Rock Overdose (Pavlos): Which are your main music influences?


John Gallagher:  Way too many to list but I’ll try... we were influenced by pretty much all the classic bands of the 70’s.. starting with Slade, Sweet, Status Quo, Sabbath... and that’s just the ones starting with “ S” !!!!


For bassists I grew up emulating Gary Thain, John Wetton, Andy Fraser, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Chris Squire.... etc!


For singers it was Ian Gillian, Rob Hanford, David Byron, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey... and many more. We gravitated towards the faster, heavier songs when we did cover tunes and this rubbed off into our songwriting.



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): How did Raven started and how did you met each other?


John Gallagher: Well, Mark and I already knew each other.....!! We started the band with Paul Bowden, a friend from down the street in 1974... we had a few drummers until Paul left and Rob Hunter came on board ... he answered an ad we’d out in the local music store and we went forward as a three piece !



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): 70s and especially 80s were a great period to play good music, especially heavy metal. Do you agree?


John Gallagher: It’s ALWAYS a good time to play heavy metal!!! But yes you are right, the early 80’s was a very healthy time for sure... a lot of great bands and a hungry audience.



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): Which are your memories from those days?


John Gallagher:  Again, that would take a book! Starting from early 1980 when we were invited to record a single for Neat records, we have been in a crazy trip ever since... everything we did was a first and it was extremely exciting to do a record.. to play gigs out of our home area with Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead for sure!



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): Do you have a favorite song from Raven and which is that?


John Gallagher: You are asking me to choose between my children! Impossible!!!! For the sake of argument I’ll pick “faster than the speed of light” from the old songs and “ Metal City” from the upcoming new album “ Metal City”!



Rock Overdose (Pavlos): You were one of the fastest bands in the NWOBHM. Do you think that you are the inventors of Speed Metal?


John Gallagher: Well we were ONE of the bands that started to play fast but certainly not the first... but we did influence an awful lot of bands for sure. We aren’t and never were a “ speed metal” or “ thrash metal” band... we are a “ Raven” style band... we prefer to be originals!



Rock Overdose (John): Congratulations for your new album. When I heard it for first time, I had the same feelings like29 years ago with the "Architect of fear". After 4 decades and you still keep rockin' hard, what is your secret?


John Gallagher: We have great passion for what we do and we know we are blessed and so lucky to be in the position we are... to have a worldwide following and to be able to record great new music, and then go out, tour the world and play it for people!



Rock Overdose (John): What exactly do you wait from this album? I am sure that you have the Ravenmaniacs all these years-like me!!-, but what about the new metal generation. Is this album a good beginning to "meet" Raven for first time?


John Gallagher: We are extremely proud of  this album... one of if not THE best things we have ever done! It’s a great introduction to us for the uninitiated... or people who may have forgotten about us. There’s many older bands putting out “ ok” albums... but this is a fucking GREAT album!!!



Rock Overdose (John):  I live in U.K the last two years and i have seen that the metalheads here support, love and they are proud for the bands of their own country, like you, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead,Saxon e.t.c. Which is your opinion about if?


John Gallagher: The world is a smaller place these days... metal heads the world over are all crazy Lolol!!! But yes... a lot of great bands and great music have came from this small island!!!!!!



Rock Overdose (John): Your plans for 2021? Will be lucky the Greek Ravenmaniacs to see you again live? For the end, send them a message.


John Gallagher: We have tentative dates for early 2021 in Europe... noting in Greece at the moment but we would LOVE to come back as it’s been way too long!
All the best, thanks for your support and watch out for “ Metal City” on September 18th!!!!




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