Jon Anderson (ex-YES) on Rock Overdose: “I did ask to rejoin YES, but they just wanted to be the band that they are without me”

We are very proud and honored to present you the interesting interview that Jon Anderson, the ex-Yes frontman, gave to Sotirelis Konstantinos and Rock Overdose.


Rock Overdose: Hello mr. Jon anderson. Welcome to Rock Overdose.

 So, your new album with Roine Stolt was released a few days ago. How do you feel?



Jon Anderson: I am so happy and grateful to have created this special album with Roine, realizing this music was like a dream come true for me, making music via the internet and making it feel as though we are in the same studio was the key.

I’ m so excited that people will be able to feel the way i did when i heard it completed for the first time earlier this year.




Rock Overdose: What should a Jon Anderson fan wait to hear from this album?



Jon Anderson: I’m hoping they will enter into the music as though the journey was made for them, i have written lyrics over the years about how connected we all are, and how the ‘light’ shines within..and this collection of songs seems to flow so directly from the source of all things…and the music Roine created seems to echo that energy…



Rock Overdose: Really, when you decided to cooperate with Roine Stolt and how does this idea came?



Jon Anderson: I first met Roine 2 years ago on a ‘prog rock’ boat trip out of Miami, and on the ship was Thomas Webar of ‘inside out records’, who happened to be a true ‘Yes’ fan, and suggested the two of us should make an album, i was very keen on doing this project having heard Roine perform on the boat trip, and he’s such a cool guy.


Rock Overdose:  Do you think that the «invention of knowledge» fulfilled the goals and the expectations that you had when you started this project?



Jon Anderson: More than expected really, I knew Roine understood the musical journey we needed to make, it was just a question of picking the right songs that worked together and for him to deliver the great music he did, it seemed to be a meeting of the minds at just the right time in our lives.




Rock Overdose: On this fall, you have a tour with Wakeman and Rabin, two of the past members of Yes. Tell us a few things about the AWR project. 



Jon Anderson: It’s still an open book, we have so many classic songs from our work with ‘Yes’ and new songs that need to be explored before we decide on a show that will be the adventure for us all, meaning the band and the audience, it takes everyone to make a memorable show, we want to put on the best show possible of course, and just have a great time together..




Rock Overdose: Is this something like a tribute to the original Yes?





Jon Anderson: I feel it’s a rejuvenation of the idea of ‘Yes music’..we are as much a part of the ‘Yes’ story as anyone, so it’s an honor and a special time in our lives to be doing this project for all the fans worldwide...




Rock Overdose: You had announced that you were writing some songs with the AWR project, right? Will you release a full length album and if Yes, when do you think that it would be ready?



Jon Anderson: I’m not sure an album is the right move, new songs yes, we are consentrating on a concert, making a statement of music is the whole point of the adventure, music is the driving force..



Rock Overdose: You also have the Andersonponty band and i am wondering how can you still do all these things with the recordings, the tours and all this stuff, after so many years? Aren’t you tired of all these?



Jon Anderson: No…not tired at all,  i am more than excited to do this work, i have so many musical dreams to fulfill, music is endless, working with Jean Luc is magical, and the musicians in his band are an endless stream of creative energy, it makes life all worthwhile




Rock Overdose: How can you still have inspiration, after so many releases?



Jon Anderson: After i nearly died a few years ago 2008, i decided never to ever stop creating, i was already working on a few projects then, now it’s more that twice that amount….and it surprises me everyday that i have this desire to reach more and more people with my songs.




Rock Overdose: You had left Yes a few years ago due to health concerns, but when you overcame your health issues, you didn’t rejoined the band. Why? 




Jon Anderson: It’s a crazy story, but i did ask to rejoin the band when i felt strong again, in 2010 but they just wanted to be the band that they are without me, so i kept working on my songs, doing solo shows, which in a strange way was a gift for me, to learn how to entertain being alone on stage, travelling with my ‘honey’ Janee and guitar..and seeing so much of the world, it makes you very thankful to be alive.



Rock Overdose: Do you listen to Yes’ last albums? Do you like the new singer?



Jon Anderson: I just listened to a couple of tracks, it’s not my kind of ‘Yes’…i never met the singers, I’m sure they are cool people.



Rock Overdose: How do you feel about all these things that you have done in music and what does the music mean to you?


Jon Anderson: I’m very proud to have survived all these years, and still have a driving energy to create better and more adventurous songs, music is like breathing to me, it’s a sacred journey, music is very powerful and lyrics can change the world..’all you need is love’



Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. It’s a great honor for me. The last words are yours. 


Jon Anderson: Best wishes, love and ‘light’…Jon