Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.) on Rock Overdose: “We used to have to stop playing quite often just to halt the fights”

Rock Overdose had the luck, honour and privilege to have a conversation with the iconic vocalist of D.R.I, Kurt Brecht. Short and pointful in his answers, he gave us the good news for Spike Cassidy's health, he appreciates the love of all kinds of funs, he believes their new EP ''But Wait...There's More'' is a good start for a possible upcoming album and he praised the Greek fans and food.


Rock Overdose: First of all, it's an honour to have an interview with you. I'll start by asking for Spike Cassidy's health. Fans and people in general would like to know how he's doing. He's been proven quite a fighter so far!

Kurt Brecht : Thank you and he is doing much better as you can see from our full touring schedule!


Rock Overdose: It was great to see you coming back with the ''But Wait...There's More'' EP the previous year. First full EP or album release since 1995, how did it feel and why was now the right time to do it after all these years?

Kurt Brecht : We haven't had much of a break from touring but we finally made time to record while we were on tour.


Rock Overdose: It's been 35 years since your formation. Did you believe you would last that long when you first started or through the years? How do you recall these early days and which things or incidents have remained most marked inside you from that era?

Kurt Brecht : No, never imagined lasting so long. We were hungry a lot back then. Our van was our home.


Rock Overdose: You lived four decades inside the change of music from the early '80s to the late '10s that we are now. Which things have remained the same in the music industry and which things have changed the most all these years?

Kurt Brecht : The tolerance of metal with hardcore punk. It wasn't always so and I am glad of the change.


Rock Overdose: D.R.I. has undoubtedly been a case that has been accepted by many different kinds of audience through the years. Punks, hardcore maniacs, metal freaks, none has ever left D.R.I. out of appreciation. What is the most precious thing in the appreciation of these kind of fans?

Kurt Brecht :Their stories, homemade shirts, their dedication and just the looks on their faces when we meet or when we play.


Rock Overdose: I'm curious to know how you were treated when you did the cross-over turn after the first two albums. People tend to nag when something remains the same and when something changes beyond their tolerance. Did you ever face extreme criticism or did you escape it because of the mass acceptance by both metalheads and non-metalheads?

Kurt Brecht : It wasn't mass acceptance at the time and yes we did face some criticism and our shows at that time were very violent. We used to have to stop playing quite often just to halt the fights.


Rock Overdose: Despite the band not releasing material for quite a long time, you remained very much active in the live front. Was it a focused decision to continue as a full live and non album act? Does the recent EP release change things a bit? Fans surely want the old stuff live, but me and many other people wouldn't mind at all for a possible new album. What about that?

Kurt Brecht : The EP was a feeler to test the waters. We need to see if anyone is really interested in a new LP. Looking pretty good so far.


Rock Overdose: We'd like to know your thoughts for Pasadena Napalm Division and the two releases you did so far. Is there going to be a continuation on releasing albums? Any stuff ready for the future? It's been almost 4 years since the self-titled full length.

Kurt Brecht : The other guys are busy with their other band and I am pretty busy with DRI but we will see...


Rock Overdose: We've been lucky to see you four times in Greece. My first was on 2003, 2011 and 2012 followed. I know many people that saw you in 1990 and still mumble how their life changed after this legendary gig. Any remembrance from the Greek gigs and any possibility to see you again in the future?

Kurt Brecht : Always a good time in Greece and always great shows and good food! Hopefully see you this summer!


Rock Overdose : Last but not least, we'd like to thank you for your offer and for your attitude all these years. All of you and you personally have been large sources of inspiration for many people and filled our childhood and teens with great memories and sounds. How would you like to be remembered when and if this is over one day?

Kurt Brecht: A wondering poet and minstrel.



For the Rock Overdose Webzine,

Dimitris Aloras