Manticora – Safe (2010)

Progressive Power / Speed Metal from Denmark

Line Up:

Lars F. Larsen - Vocals (Fear Itself, Fool's Game)
Kristian H. Larsen - Guitars (Fear Itself)
Martin Arendal - Guitars (Wuthering Heights)
Kasper Gram - Bass (Ureas, Evil Masquerade, Wuthering Heights, Missing Tide)
Mads Volf - Drums (Human Factor (Dnk), Rip and Tear, Infinity Overture)


1. In The Abyss Of Desperation
2. Silence The Freedom
3. Complete
4. From The Pain Of Loss (I Learned About The Truth)
5. A Lake That Drained
6. Carrion Eaters
7. Safe
8. Embryonic Man (Japanese Bonus Track)

Released Dates:

September 8: Japan
September 20: Europe / Australia
October 12: USA / Canada


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