MIDNIGHT on RockOverdose: “We’re not an average run of the mill type band that just does everything paint by numbers”

Notorious and prolific Cleveland cult, MIDNIGHT, unleashed their sixth full-length, Hellish Expectations, on March 8th via Metal Blade Records.

Few weeks before their return to Greece, for two shows in Athens & Thessaloniki, we had the chance to speak with Athenar on the new album and it's creation.


Read below our interesting chat and get ready for some really nasty shows!


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RockOverdose: First of all sincere congratulations on “Hellish Expectations”. I strongly believe it’s the best album of Midnight, how do you feel about it so far? I think the response is phenomenal.

Midnight: Not to sound like a standard answer of "oh this is" by far our best album ever of all time and the entire planet NEEDS to listen to this masterpiece in order to survive" But I really do think it is a very releasing and enjoyable album. Thank you for your kind words!


RockOverdose: Allow me to say that apart from being a great album, it’s also the shortest of your career (until the next maybe?), could we consider it your “Reign In Blood” at this point? It’s really relentless and taking no prisoners.


Midnight: If it's even in consideration of being in the same sentence as “Reign In Blood” that is a huge statement! I don't judge albums (or penises) on length. Is "Exile On Main Street" (The Rolling Stones) too long? Is "Hear Nothing, See Nothing" (Discharge) too short? Ithink these albums are to quote goldilocks, I  think these albums are "just right". Also the intention was not to over stay my welcome. Similar to debut Bathory, Slaughter - "Strappado", Agnostic Front - "Victim In Pain" etc



RockOverdose: You are a pretty fast writer, but I think this return with “Hellish Expectations” comes faster than ever, did you have an urge to continue this adrenaline, or it came somehow naturally?

Midnight: All the albums come pretty naturally but yes this one even more so. I usually shut off my brain and let the demons be exorcised. This one I shut it down even more to neanderthalic levels!



RockOverdose: In your opinion, what does the new album add to your legacy? We see the band growing with every release, is it one of these times you feel more certain for your future due to the quality of the material?


Midnight: The fact that i'm still releasing music like this at age 50 is pretty kool to me cuz I don't have many years left on this planet! I wouldn't make up or record anymore tunes if i didn't think or feel they were any good.  I would do a cover of the KIZZ song "lick it up" but I would change the words to "hang it up!" haha!



RockOverdose: For some magical reason, all tracks are so connected that they could be a long 25’ song, on the other hand, I cannot imagine the album without one of them, does this consistency help the album sound a little more direct compared to the past ones?


Midnight: Glad you noticed that. Yes it's an even number of 10 songs, no fat. It is the filet mignon of heavy metal but instead of served in a fine restaurant it's being eaten with your bare dirty hands in a dark back alley while having your dong sucked by a diseased harlot.



RockOverdose: It seems like we have your most passionate singing ever on this album. Did the songs demand more of an effort from you in your opinion? These spitting of lyrics this time is really something else!


Midnight: Again thanks for listening and noticing! It was recorded in fall of 2020 in the middle of covid times so yes there was much anger and frustration in these vocals.



RockOverdose: “Slave Of The Blade” is my song of the year so far. Do you have some favorites from the album? if yes, for which reason? If not, how can you remain “professional” to treat the whole material fairly later on stage?


Midnight: "Slave of the blade" was written for a friend who recently got a divorce. so that was my ode to him and his newly removed wife, haha! the plan is to play the entire album live. i think all these tunes are just screaming to be played live. We will still have time to play plenty of other tunes as well. nNt like when Iron Maiden played the entire "Matter Of Life And Death" album and only had time for 3 more tunes! Bummer!!


Iron Possessor, Athenar, Commandor Vanik
Photo by: Maurice Nunez


RockOverdose: Have you ever had any thoughts of allowing others into the recordings, or will it always remain a personal endeavor and you’ll just have the right ones next to you on stage? Do you believe the rhyme “If you want something to be done correctly, do it on your own”?


Midnight: I think the way we do things with the recordings and live band is very unique and adds a bit of mystery to the whole aesthetic of what Midnight is. The worst thing I can think of is to be an average run of the mill type band that just does everything paint by numbers. Commandor Vanik and Iron Possessor are far superior players to me. I definitely wouldn't be able to pull off the guitar and drums live without them. But there is a certain amateurish quality in the way that I play, that brings back the days of when metal was played by 16 year old kids, and that's the best type of metal to my ears!



RockOverdose: 5 years later, and we still haven’t forgot your first visit in Greece. Now we’ll have you back in the best given circumstances. What should we wait compared to the first time? I must let you know that playing the whole new album would be really welcomed by everyone!


Midnight: That's kind of the plan.We had one of our favorite shows there, Greece is amazing, food of course! We're really looking forward to come back.



RockOverdose: Last but not least, we’d like to thank you for your time and for being around so often and with such fiery passion. Which are the plans of Midnight or yours personally on the future? The last words belong to you as always. Take care, see you in Athens & Thessaloniki soon.


Midnight: I'm always recording, I'm always making up songs and there's more material to come for at least the next 10 years! I've lot of stuff. We are fans ourselves and collectors of good energy, so we can't wait to come back!



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Interview: Vivi Zapantiotou

Questions: Aggelos Katsouras

Photo by: Maurice Nunez