Mikkey Dee on Rock Overdose:’ Motörhead as the band is not existing anymore. This chapter is over’

Rock Overdose had the honor and the privilege to have a conversation with MOTORHEAD’s drummer, and substitute drummer for SCORPIONS, Mikkey Dee.

Here we are...


Rock Overdose:How are things going for you in 2016?

Mikkey Dee: Currently, I am in the US playing drums for the Scorpions – this tour will keep me busy until the end of the year most likely

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Rock Overdose: When did you join Motorhead and what's the story behind it?

Mikkey Dee: I think that most fans know that I first played with King Diamond and Dokken before joining Motörhead in 1992. Lemmy has just asked me


Rock Overdose: Which is your favorite Motorhead album and why ?

Mikkey Dee: I am very satisfied with all of the albums we made together. I don’t have a special favorite album


Rock Overdose: After Lemmy's tragic loss what was the reaction from the rock community ?

Mikkey Dee: Although Lemmy’s health was an issue the past few years, many people believed that he would live forever – the world was shocked. The respect and the love from the international music community has been amazing. He was honored in so many ways and he deserved every single tribute

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Rock Overdose: What is your opinion about Lemmy's loss?

Mikkey Dee: Everyone that ever knew him was heartbroken and saddened – he was a very special person
Rock Overdose:I had the pleasure to meet Motrohead in 1988 at 'President' hotel in Athens Greece. I met all the members of the band, and especially Lemmy himself. We stay all night long drinking beers and smoking cigarettes at hotel's roof garden. I remember that Lemmy was so 'real' person with good taste of humor . So simple man. What's your opinion about him?

Mikkey Dee: Lemmy enjoyed the simple things in life – yet, one can find a lot of information about him in the lyrics he wrote, he was an honest, loyal man


Rock Overdose: What are your opinions about Greek heavy metal fans?

Mikkey Dee:Rockfans always have kept the spirit alive, and will continue to do so regardless of the situation in the world. The Greek fans were always warm and welcoming and I have a special relationship anyway as my heritage is Greek

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Rock Overdose: Motorhead was forced to cancel a number of concerts last year. Do you manage to hit the road under the label of Motorhead sometime or this 'chapter' has been closed for ever?

Mikkey Dee: Motörhead was touring up to the end – this chapter is over. Motörhead as the band is not existing anymore


Rock Overdose: If I'm right Download Festival organizers have confirmed that they have renamed it's main stage to 'The Lemmy stage'. Can you tell us some words about it ?


Mikkey Dee: No, I can’t say much about it. They decided to name the stage in honor of Lemmy and I think that is a great tribute for the fans
Rock Overdose: Motorhead will release a live album (cd/vinyl) and a film on May 27 2016 titled 'Clean Your Clock'. Can you tell us some words about it?

Mikkey Dee: The release is a bit set back to June 13th .
We filmed the two shows in Munich, Germany and we were planning to film more when the tour was planned to continue to have some live shows. Not knowing that this was the last ever live filmed performance

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Rock Overdose: Would we expect to see a Motorhead 'behind the scenes' film some day?

Mikkey Dee:No, I don’t think so ..at least I hope not – ha,ha
Rock Overdose: So..what the future holds for you ?

Mikkey Dee: I’m playing the US tour with the Scorpions


Rock Overdose: If you want just send a message to all Greek Motorhead die hard fans, and to everyone who will read this interview.

Mikkey Dee: Hello to all our Greek fans! Thanks for all the years you’ve supported us with your fiercy metal hearts, for welcoming us always with your warmth and thanks for being a part of your rock world.