NEUROMANT: New single and promo video

Neuromant is a post rock band from Italy, born in 2015. After the release of their debut album in 2016, called “Cyberbirds”, the band is now releasing a new single called “Useless”, having signed in Sliptrick Records. The song is taken from the upcoming album called “Artifichild”, which is being recorded on Urban Recording Studio.

“Useless” is a criticism of the music market sutured with both influential and non-influential characters, it is a critique of the static nature of the musical world that stagnates in the mechanism that it has created. The term useless refers to the uselessness of the path that most artists now perform, breaking the market quickly and leaving the scene as quickly, without having, in the middle, contributed minimally to an artistic enrichment, if not purely cheap.

The band says about the song:

“The track was written entirely by us, it was a very laborious and controversial writing, we tried to come into conflict with ourselves to achieve the result. The piece is full of irony because, from the writing, it contradicts our "musical ideal" of "alter nativity". The text is provocative and alienating; ut it rests on an almost "standard" musical base, falling into rhythmic patterns and melodic commons and that make it before a song, a paradox. It is the "simplest" piece of our album, but despite this, it is the piece that has spent more time writing.”


Below, you can see the promo video for the single “Useless”, while the official music video is being filmed these days:



The official video clip will be published in two weeks, just before the band hits the stage with the great God Is An Astronaut in Ukraine, on 20 and 21st of November.


As for the album, the band says:

"The title of the album is Artifichild". The taste is kind of electronic and dance music although the atmosphere is always dark, intimate and claustrophobic. The feeling is to listen to something that wants to make you dance, but at the same time that there's no reason to do it. The title refers to the cult movie "2001: a space odyssey", in which a "star child" seems to be the next step in human kind evolution. The "artifichild concept" borrows that idea and put it in another context that is the society context, in which people seems to regress by doing things in mass and this creates a sense of perdition in the minds of conscious people who are stuck in this mechanism. There are 9 songs in it including the homonym track Artifichild.”


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