NORD on Rock Overdose: “It’s important to write about your own personal feelings and stuff that happens to you daily”

Nord isn't a band like all the others. Once you listen to their music, you always recognize their sound. They are an art rock band with a lot of influences from all the genres. And this makes them unique. So, we are very happy to have Mihael and Verdan on Rock Overdose, answering the questions that Konstantinos Sotirelis prepared. Enjoy the interview!


Rock Overdose: Hello guys, welcome to Rock Overdose. How is it going on the band’s side these days?

Mihael: Everything is quite good, the album is finally here, we’ve waited on the release for quite a long time so we are happy that it’s available for people to hear it.

Vedran: Very well, we are preparing for upcoming shows and in meantime we are doing preproduction for the next album. So it's lots of fun .


Rock Overdose: You released your debut album called “Play Restart” a few days ago. How do you feel?

Mihael: Positive. It’s nice to have it finally out and in our hands. And the vinyl is something else. Our first vinyl, very exciting for us. The cover is so great. Ivo Matic made a great piece of artwork.

Vedran: Yes the album is out. Well this is the first time we publish album on vinyl so we are very excited and proud, and it sounds fantastic .


Rock Overdose: What’s the feedback from the press and the fans so far?

Mihael: Feedback is very positive. And it’s nice to read some detailed reviews out there, even the bad ones give us comfort that someone spent an hour or two and truly listened to the whole album we worked hard on. Which is quite rare these days I think. Fans, they seem very delighted with the album. We heard some really great comments so far. Especially on our live shows. It’s all good so far.


Rock Overdose: On your songs, I can hear a lot of different kinds of music. For example, some of them are heavier and more rock ‘n’ roll but there is always a grungy hint with a lot of progressive influences and some punk rock elements. Am I right? If yes, did you do this on purpose or it just came up?

Vedran: You are absolutely right. We all come from different  influences that led to that sound. The sound is more or less by accident. Mihael is a grunge singer, I'm a punk-rock guitarist, Tino is heavy drumer and there you have it.

Mihael: It just came up like that. We don’t have a plan. Maybe that doesn’t work in our benefit, it’s easier to sell a product that is more genre-determined, and Nord is more ‘some of this and some of that’, but I think it’s more sincere that way. Maybe we’ll end up playing jazz. You never know. Or black metal.


Rock Overdose: Which bands have influenced you most?

Mihael: Alice in chains. Faith no more. Soundgarden. Massive Attack. Korn. Metallica. Michael Jackson. Bjork. Depeche Mode.

Vedran: Faith no more, Tool, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, QOTSA...


Rock Overdose: Your lyrics are very emotional and sometimes it feels that they are quite sad but I feel that they are very hopeful and optimistic. What’s your own point of view?

Mihael: Well it’s kind of how world is these days isn’t it? All sad and shit, depressing time if you ask me. I think it’s important to write about your own personal feelings and stuff that happens to you daily, so I guess that’s how it is or was for me in the last couple of years while I was writing these lyrics. But also I try to think positive of the income, so you get some of that too. We are at the bottom, it can’t get much worse, so it’s time to rise. Something like that I guess.

Rock Overdose: Which things does inspire you on your lyrics?

Mihael: Love. War. Politicians. Stupid people. Beautiful women. Ugly people. Beautiful people. Motley Crue.


Rock Overdose: Are there any plans for some shows so as to promote the album?

Vedran: Yes, we will have more information on that in a few days, so we'll post them on our web site asap. Stay tuned.

Mihael: We hope to visit a lot of cool places and stages all around Europe, starting this autumn.


Rock Overdose: How do you see Nord’s future? Are there any plans?

Vedran: Touring Europe and promoting our album, than off to studio to record the next one. Than we'll see, you never know what future brings.

Mihael: We hope to play lot of great live shows and meet cool people all around the globe, what more could you wish for. And to come and visit Greece as soon as possible! 😉

Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.  

Mihael: Thanks a lot for the interview and interest in Nord, big salute to you and all the rock fans in Greece! Hopefully see you live soon!



For Rock Overdose,

Konstantinos Sotirelis