Ola Englund (THE HAUNTED) on Rock Overdose: “With ‘Strength in Numbers’ we had a bit more time to reflect on things & read the situation and the songs”

We are very honored to present you the interview that the lead guitarist of The Haunted, Ola Englund gave to Rock Overdose and to Konstantinos Sotirelis.





Rock Overdose: Hello Ola, welcome to Rock Overdose. How it’s going on the band’s side these days?


Ola:  It’s good, we’re getting along, having a good time whenever we meet. No drama. It’s nice. Just a happy band!



Rock Overdose: In a few days you are going to release your ninth album, “Strength in Numbers”. How do you feel about this release?


Ola: Very excited, it’s been 3 years since the release of “Exit Wounds” so it’s nice to finally have this one out. Somewhere in the songwriting that might be 2 years ago, it felt really far away. But the time is here.



Rock Overdose: What should we expect to hear on this new album?


Ola: Everything, riffs, melodies, solos, drum fills. EVERYTHING The Haunted. I think it’s a very dynamic album in that sense. It’s like getting a smörgåsbord of The Haunted.



Rock Overdose: After 8 albums, is it easy to give to the fans something new and interesting?


Ola:  For me and I think I speak for the other guys as well, we just write whatever we want. If we feel that a power ballad is the next step, then we make a power ballad. We write music we like and hopefully the fans still enjoy it. I think it’s only fair to the fans and the audience if we just do what we think is the best.



Rock Overdose: You said in an interview that the band had a lot of pressure on the “Exit Wounds” album, but on this album you didn’t have this problem. So, what are the differences from the previous album, when it comes to the composition, the sound and the situation that the “Strength in Numbers” is written?


Ola: Pressure in the sense that everyone was waiting to hear how this new rendition of The Haunted sounds like. We wanted to show ourselves and show that we’re not slowing down. With «Strength in Numbers» we had a bit more time to reflect on things and read the situation and the songs. Less to prove compared to «Exit Wounds».



Rock Overdose: Do you plan to tour so as to promote the new album? Is Greece included in your touring plans?


Ola: Of course touring is on our schedule. We’re trying to hit Greece but nothing set in stone at the time being.



Rock Overdose: What are your memories from the last show in Greece?


Ola: Last show was amazing, I remember the passion of the audience, it’s rare to see that kind of audience in Europe. We’re happy over how it went and would love to go back.



Rock Overdose: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that you the “Exit Wounds” was released 25 August, just like the “Strength In Numbers”. Does this date mean something for the band or something like that?


Ola: Hmmm I didn’t know that. And no there is nothing magical about that date. Except that it is on pay day for a lot of countries.



Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview, it was a great honor for me. I hope to see you again on a show. The last words are yours.


Ola: Thank you for having me and for supporting us, it really means a lot.