PHIL CAMPBELL on RockOverdose: “We are currently writing for our first full length album which will hopefully be out early next year!”

RockOverdose had the great honor to interview Phil Campbell, the legendary guitarist of Motörhead, on the occasion of his performance with his band "Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons" at Chania Rock Festival 2017! 

Phil Campbell shares some memories of his past performances in Greece with Lemmy, and also doesn't hesitate to express his opinion on the music industry and send his message to the crowds coming at Chania this year!

Ladies & Gentlemen ... enjoy Phil Campbells' interview and don't miss the chance  to see "Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons" at Chania Rock Festival in a few days!!! 

RockOverdose: If I'm not mistaken your last performances in Greece was with Motörhead before many years back in the late 90's and the most recent in 2005! I'm sure you'll have some nice memories to share with us, if you wish. Greek audience considers that performance one of the best gigs in Greece ever!
Phil Campbell: We did a festival with Bruce Dickinson on top of a mountain which was really cool! Also I remember another Greek show with Anthrax where the stage pretty much collapsed on a beach. We also landed in Greece when Greece won the European cup, it was absolutely crazy! It's always fun in Greece.


RockOverdose: After so many years with Motörhead, what’s been the hardest adjustment now that Lemmy is gone?
Phil Campbell: I just miss the Camaraderie with Mikkey, Lemmy and all the crew, we all knew it was gonna happen at some point and we had a bloody good run!

RockOverdose: Personally what do you think the “Motörhead legacy” gave to you and in general to the music industry?

Phil Campbell:We are just happy to be known as a good rock n roll band.


RockOverdose: It seems that during the last decade more and more of our music heroes retire or pass away. Do you believe that next generations will have their music heroes of such great level?

Phil Campbell: Luckily rock n roll has remained a genre that has stood the test of time so hopefully that means that will be new musical heroes for future generations to look up to.


RockOverdose: We know that“The Bastard Sons” consists of your 3 sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, along with vocalist Neil Starr. How is it to tour and play with your sons? Is it hard to stay professional and not act like their father, while on tour or in the studio?

Phil Campbell:We just act as we would do at home really, watching comedy on the TV in the lounge of the bus or going out for food on days off. I do still let off a stink bomb once in a while though!


RockOverdose: Being a musician for almost 35 years what advice you would give to any young musician that wishes to follow that dream? As a father, did you drive your children to follow the music industry or was their choice to get involved?
Phil Campbell:I would say never give up on your dreams as you never know what might happen around the corner. As for my children I never forced them to do anything, they just naturally grew up wanting to become musicians too.


RockOverdose: Do you have any band / musician / performer of this generation that you admire or you think is the next big thing?
Phil Campbell: Rammstein will always be one of my favourite bands. Their live shows are on another level and they have so many riffs!


RockOverdose: What should we expect from your performance at Chania Rock Festival? Any setlist "spoiler" you wish to reveal?

Phil Campbell: We play a mixture of Motörhead songs, original songs and a few covers so there's something for everyone to enjoy even if you're not a die hard Motörhead fan. We're currently playing a brand new song on the road which is going down a storm at our shows at the moment.


RockOverdose: Any other plans for "Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons" for the future?

Phil Campbell: We are currently writing for our first full length album which will hopefully be out early next year!


RockOverdose: What about your personal plans, your solo album and your book? Can you tell us some more information on what should we expect?


Phil Campbell: The solo album is coming along well at the moment. I've recorded over half the album and there shall be some very special guests who will feature on the album. As for the book that's also coming along nicely but at the moment I'm focusing on The Bastard Sons as we are very busy at the moment.


RockOverdose: Please send a message for your fans visiting Chania Rock Festival this summer!


Phil Campbell: Can't wait to rock the stage at Chania Rock festival on July 1st! See you guys down the front!!!