PRIMAL FEAR:”The upcoming live album & DVD will be released at the middle of 2017 & then we’ll record a new studio album of course”

Primal Fear’s singer, Ralf Scheepers talked to Rock Overdose for an interview with Sotirelis Konstantinos and he revealed some good news about the band’s next release, which is going to be a DVD and a live album. In the meantime, he said that they collect material for the next album:


“We are talking about a live DVD the next year, so we really collect some video material from the world tour, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia, and of course I’m going to take the camera with me to South America so there will be a lot of footage. So, the next step is a live album for the next year. And then of course, everyone always, somehow, easy you can say, collect ideas for the next album and this is a big advantage we have. We are five writing members, so everybody is collecting and collecting so many material for the album.”


When he was asked about the release date of the DVD, he stated:


“It’s too early to say a date but maybe at the middle of the next year”.


Soon the whole interview on Rock Overdose.