Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project) on RockOverdose: “Commitment and responsibility, are the best values l learned working together with legentary musicians”!

RockOverdose had the chance to speak with the talented songwriter and musician Ronnie Romero, best known for his involvement in various rock bands like Lords of Black, Rainbow, The Ferrymen, MSGroup, Sunstorm and the supergroup "Intelligent Music Project". 

Intelligent Music Project will perform in Thessaloniki on 17.06.2021 and Ronnie Romero promises an unforgetable show for the greek audience. Moreover, he comments on his experience working together with legentary musicians through his collaborations, as well as his view on the current situation in music industry.




RockOverdose: Welcome to RockOverdose! Please introduce us the Intelligent Music Project in your own words.


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): Intelligent Music Project is a musical band created and directed by the Medical Doctor Milen Vrabevsky. This super group put together not just a great band and great musicians but the most important, the songs brings a message of hope and a brighter future, which is the fans need to hear the most nowadays in this turbulent times. Musically speaking you can find a lot different elements and influences in the songs and music, all written by Dr. Vrabevsky. From Deep Purple to Toto, through The Beatles and many others.



RockOverdose: What about your new album “The Creation”, it’s the 2nd album of Intelligent Music Project that you take part. How easy was the recording process during the lockdown? How did the band evolved in this album in comparison with the previous ones?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): Well, actually it was easy in the way we recorded all the album in Sofia, Bulgaria, so it was no “remote recording” like normally happened during the pandemy. Obviously the is an evolution because the songs Milen wrote are more oriented to my vocal style. But anyway there is a lot of different elements in the album which is typical for IMP. The band sounds tighter I think, and we the add of Bobby Rondinelly in the drums even better!.


RockOverdose: Almost every live show is cancelled around the globe, BUT against all odds, you just finished a small tour around Bulgaria at the end of May, do you feel optimistic that the world is going back to normal? Any plans for more shows in other countries yet?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): We did a great tour in Bulgaria. The fans were expecting live music as we were so the shows went fantastic with a great chemistry between the band and the audience in every city we played. We hope everything is settle down with the pandemy and we will back to “normal” as soon as possible. For sure IMP we are prepared to tour in every country they want us to play. By now we have the show in Thessaloniki, and after the summer more surprises coming!.


RockOverdose: Intelligent Music Project will perform a show in Thessaloniki on 17.06 for the 22nd birthday of Rock Radio 104.7. What do you expect from the audience?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): I’m completely sure it will be great!! I played in Greece once already and the rock fans are great there! For sure it will be an evening to remember. We will play a long setlist with the band and Carl Sentance so it will be a lot of fun!.


RockOverdose: Most of the times supergroups don’t last for long. How do you see the future of the Intelligent Music Project?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): Probably because normally in a “supergroup” musicians are not fully committed. But in this case is totally different, I worked with the band for two years already and I feel I’m a member of the band more than just a guest musician. The chemistry between all of us is great in the studio rehearsals and shows, so I deeply believe we have a bright future and many good things to come.


RockOverdose: Working together with legendary musicians, I’m sure it’s very interesting.What’s the most important advice or value you’ve learned by your experience next to such musicians such as Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker etc. ?

Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): For me the most valuable thing I learned working in the highest level is the commitment and responsibility doing your job. To be nice and respectful with others, to be down to earth, and to love what you do.


RockOverdose: Would you like to comment on your collaboration with Sunstorm project? How’s the feedback of the new album so far?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): Feedback is great. At the beginning it was a lot of controversy for obvious reasons. But once the people listened the music, the music speaked for everybody. And this is the main thing in the music industry. Sometimes musicians they talk to much. But it’s always better to talk less and work more.




RockOverdose: What are your memories from Greece? How was the collaboration with George Gakis and the event that took place at Ioannina?


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): That show it was great. And George and all the people from Ioannina were incredible and they treated us very well. We spend great times doing music and having fun so for sure is an experience to remember and to make again in the future.


RockOverdose: Last words are yours! Please feel free to send a message to our listeners/readers!


Ronnie Romero (Intelligent Music Project): First of all thanks a lot to all the Greek rock fans fir the support! I know I have a lot of followers there, so I really appreciate their love to my work. Can’t wait to see you in Thessaloniki in a few days and to have fun together on stage!! Finally again!!



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