Sorrowful Angels – Suicidal Manners (Official Videoclip)

Sorrowful Angels - Suicidal Manners (Official Videoclip)
Taken from the album 'Ship In Your Trip'. (2009)

A PLAYS2PLACE Production

Directed by : Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos
Cut by : Nickos Myrtou
Photography by : Pantelis Kontakis
Art Director : Iris Karagianni

Suicidal Manners Lyrics
Music - Dion C.
Lyrics - DionC. / Kostas Katikos

Couple 1

When the Darkness comes again
and time seems to reach the End
Give me something to believe
Show me faith so I can be

When the Darkness falls apart
like corruptions painted art
give me shelter or deny
cause I wait to end my life


I'm going on a trip
do you want to follow me
do you want to share with me
things I want to see

Come with me
and when the dark will fall again
you're not allowed to see the end
maybe I'll pretend

Couple 2

Behind the Truth there lives a lie
Hiding pain inside my mind
Reveal these scars , Ill find the way
to reach the End to end the Day

I live with agony
Tonight I'll set you free
but now i must return
to my Eternity