THRASHFEST – “Tour of the year”


Mighty THRASHFEST is finally about to start; this coming Friday it´s kick off time in Stuttgart and many shows are already sold-out!
So get your Thrashfest ticket now, if you haven´t got it already which is basically a must, considering all these killer bands showing up on the same tour!

KREATOR will headline this fantastic and outstanding package; legandary bay area thrashers EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL will be direct support.
Both of whom have brand new albums ready - Exodus released their „Exhibit B - The Human Condition" in May and DEATH ANGEL are to release
„Relentless Retribution" this coming September!

Furthermore, Greek´s sensational thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS just released their highly acclaimed „Dead Again" album and they´ll be a more than perfect opening act for this amazing package!

Commented singer Nick:

_„Hey maniacs everywhere! Our third studio album "Dead Again" is
officially out today. Just one year after the release of "Sanctify the
Darkness", "Dead Again" is coming more powerful, more aggressive and
even faster! Make sure you crab your copy either on cd, digipack, vinyl
black or blue. See you all in the moshpits of the upcoming tour with
Kreator,Exodus and Death Angel ! ! Thrash til death!"_

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Check the RUNNING ORDER for all shows at [1]

See all band´s current music videos right here:

KREATOR - Destroy What Destroys You [2]

EXODUS - Downfall [3]

DEATH ANGEL - Truce [4]

SUICIDAL ANGELS - Bleeding Holocaust [5]

As well as the THRAHFEST tour trailer HERE [6]