Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) on RockOverdose:”If Iommi wants to do something together,I am Ready!” had the great honour to speak with Tony Martin, the great  ex - Black Sabbath singer who's voice put its own signature to a very underestimated - for the majority of Sabbath fans - era.


However, he is definitely an incredible musician who will always be respected by the real music fans!



RockOverdose: We can’t avoid asking about Black Sabbath. What do you think about their decision to retire? When do you believe is the right moment for an artist to retire?

Tony Martin : Well the retire part is concerning that act, the individual members may well go on to do other things, and I know one of the things for Iommi is to re release the TM era albums, so I guess you never completely retire. 🙂

RockOverdose: Recently, you met with Tony Iommi (during a Cozy Powel ceremony) and you spoke with him after many years. Is there a chance for both of you to do something together again? How is your relationship nowadays?


Tony Martin :I had not heard from Iommi in many years so I don't have a close relationship but it was all very friendly when we met and so I have no doubt we could do something if the opportunity comes. He still has his cancer issues of course and that may well stop it all from happening but if he wants to do something I am ready.



RockOverdose: A lot of Black Sabbath fans consider the “Martin era” very underrated”! How do you feel about that?

Tony Martin :It's nice to think that people are supportive of what I did, but at the time these voices were not very loud. It was a hard time in Sabbath so I am glad that my era is recognised.


RockOverdose: Do you have any memories from your gig in Athens back in 1987, which was disturbed?

Tony Martin : Οh yeah I remember most of it. I was very nervous but I thought it was ok for a first gig 🙂 There were some parts of it that stood out, but you will have to read my book when it is released to find out more 🙂 I am hoping to have it released this year but I will let you know.

RockOverdose: Would you like to tell us something about your work together the Cypriot band Arryan Path on the song Ira Imperium?

Tony Martin : Ohhh that was cool. 🙂 I only appear on a few lines and parts but it was great to help out with the song. They were very professional and respectful, and I wish them well. The opportunity came from a simple fb request to be a guest on the album ... as usual I have to check out what it is first to see if my voice will fit but if it does then its great to do these things sometimes. I am not a session singer so I won't do it if I don't think it works for me. But this was ok so I agreed to do it.


RockOverdose: Which are the roots or background of your personal album “Back where I belong”?

Tony Martin : Well I have always been a wide range musician and I absorb every kind of music, so at different times in my life you can hear from the things I record  which was my influences at the time. Back Where I Belong was very much in the commercial rock vein, similar to Bryan Adams (MAYBE) ... and I do like that era but i'm past that now 🙂


RockOverdose: Any news from your upcoming personal album “Black Widow Angel”? What should we expect from it?

Tony Martin : I have NO IDEA what the album will eventually be called!!!!!! .... That was just a working title, which came because I was going to call it "Book of Shadows" and its been so long since I started it that some other artists have now used that title!! .. I suppose I could still call it that but it would be nice to have an original name. The music is heavy and melodic, and features a guitarist called Scott McClellan, he is an American player who is MAD!!!! hahaha ... I loved the insane riffs he did but I could not sing on them ... so I changed the way the riffs worked and was able to make some great songs 🙂 There are some tracks written by other artists too but the final album is not ready yet. I have all the songs written and I have demo versions, I may be able to get you a mix of clips so you can hear what it is ... but they are just demo clips and would have to remain private


RockOverdose: We would like you to describe using if possible one word, the following people: Tony Iommi, Dio, Dario Mollo, Brian May, Ozzy, Cozy Powell, Geoff Nicholls


 Tony Martin :Hmmm , OK!

Tony Iommi ------ Genius

Dio -------- Iconic

Dario Mollo ---------- Incredible

Brian May -------- Gentleman

Ozzy ---------- Tram

Cozy Powell ------- Powerful

Geoff Nicholls ------- Funny