WARRIOR SOUL on Rock Overdose: “We are back better than ever”!

Warrior Soul walk the earth since 1987 playing politically charged, but also absolutely fun rock n roll. 30 years later they continue to record and tour with enviable success. We got in touch with chief Space Age Playboy Kory Clarke and talked about their brand new album, their upcoming gigs in Greece and other very interesting subjects.

Rock Overdose: Hello Kory and congratulations for another great album! Your new album is called “Back On The Lash”. Is that some sort of statement that Warrior Soul are back as strong as ever?

Kory Clarke: Back on the Lash is a Scottish term used to say start drinkin again in the morning after a night out to get back in the game. Otherwise known as having the 'hair of the dog' to relieve your hangover with a cold beer but that's not to say that this album isn't politically charged! And yes we think with over 50 positive new Album reviews we have more than proof. The lyrics are strong and smarter than you think at first glance. We have a great year ahead and we are incredibly happy to return to Greece with this new album and play some select shows for you after our success in 2015. Athens has been one of our most favorite cities in the world to play in all honesty, there is so much real ol' school rock enthusiasm in your people that respect music, what a great start and also incorporating the beginning to our year with a sold out UK tour in March and also playing with two of our personal favorites, the band Junkyard and Circus of Power coming in on May back at home USA in NYC, Philly, Boston and the other dates to be announced on the east coast and beyond.... plus a few festivals (Norway, UK, Italy) throughout this new year 2018.


Rock Overdose: Give us some details about the recording of “Back On The Lash”. Where was it recorded and who produced it?

Kory Clarke: Produced by Kory Clarke. Most of the tracks were recorded in Chicago. It was an 18 month process of emails and mp3's back and forth. The guitar player/writer John Polacheck a.k.a. 'Full Throttle' made some killer riffs and many times ideas vocal/lyrics that we all found essential for starting songs came from his demented brain. lol. Adam and Nate Arling from 'The Last Vegas' are the rhythm section on this and laid down some very inspired tracks over the year or so. It was very loose and on and off process with John basically running the tracking sessions and the Arling brothers throwing down some beers and rocking the shit on one or 2 takes...brilliant, a real good way to get REAL ROCK DOWN!! Really there were 5 recording sessions and the summer was me trying to write words and melody. I tried to have them play to click- track after that and it just didn't sound as alive so I went with the original demo takes instead and things moved very fast from there. The other musicians were one of my live guitar players Miguel Martins (London based band Neon Animal) who also co-produced 'Payback's A Bitch' Album in 2014 with me, also mixed this album with me and played some guitars on it to fill out the sound. In Chicago Adam Arling who engineered the album played some guitar and Sam Varna from Chicago did a lot of the fancy guitar hot guitar licks. It was a great team to work with and the results surprised everyone of us.


Rock Overdose: What's the writing process for Warrior Soul nowadays? Is everything written by you or does the rest of the band contribute ideas?

Kory Clarke: Answer above statement.


Rock Overdose: What was the recording lineup for “Back On The Lash”?

Kory Clarke: Kory Clarke - Vox, Arrangement, Mix Full Throttle - main guitar backing vox Miguel Martins - backing vox and backing Leads The Last Vegas - Nate and Adam Arling Hot Leads- by Sam Varna


Rock Overdose: Is it the same lineup that will be touring with you or are you changing things a bit?

Kory Clarke: The recording team and live team are a bit different at the moment. I am happy to say senior member on bass Christian Kimmett (6 years) will be with us live again in Greece as he really has been a force and strong influence on how Warrior Soul is right now...Tough As Fuck! On drums our main man Michael Branagh will be manning the skins and helping me sing some of the songs that need 2 vox. On guitar I am happy to say is Miguel Martins again for a second trip to Greece with us and as our mix engineer he really knows the new material. Unfortunately drummer Hector D has other commitments and can't be there even though he is drumming on the final track of the album 'That's How We Roll'.

Rock Overdose: On “Goin' Broke Gettin' High” you sing “We got a Rotten Soul”. Is there a link behind the lyrics of these two songs?

Kory Clarke: Not directly. I just got a Rotten Soul. Where it comes from I don't Know? hahaha


Rock Overdose: What are you singing about on the new album?

Kory Clarke: Everything.


Rock Overdose: Is there a sociopolitical vibe up to a certain point or are you talking about personal experiences and the rock n roll lifestyle?

Kory Clarke: Everything you just asked. Read the words and you will get it. I am singing Rock and Roll.


Rock Overdose: You are known to be a prolific writer. How do you decide if a song is going to be a Warrior Soul song or a Kory Clarke song or an Opium Hotel one or any other project?

Kory Clarke: Each Project has artistic boundaries, playing fields and rules of play, contexts that define the titles of each project but you can hear my artistic range from 'Last Decade Dead Century'. I was forced to do Metal Music back then because that was the market. I knew it would take years to be recognized as the diverse artist I am today and it has taken over 35 years. But that is OK with me. He who laughs last laughs best.

Rock Overdose: Speaking of which, are there any plans for a new solo album in the near future or maybe a new project of sorts?

Kory Clarke: We are so busy right now with this record and the next one which is starting to being written right now and booking tours along with a comic book of Tour stories and an art painting poetry book to finish along with my Warrior Soul Merchandise it is hard to see a new solo record anytime soon but the last one 'Paybacks A Bitch' got 5 out of 5 in Rolling Stone so maybe I should head that way again sooner than later.


Rock Overdose: Come late February you are returning to Greece for two shows in Athens and Thessaloniki. What can we expect from Warrior Soul this time around? I'm guessing lots of the new album.

Kory Clarke: You are right. The first 6 songs will be off the new 'Back On The Lash' album, then we are going deeper than ever before with Warrior Soul material, B-sides and other suprises for a 2 hour show. We hope to see you there!


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for your time.

Kory Clarke: Cheers!