AD INFINITUM on RockOverdose: “We want to present and play our music to as many people as possible worldwide!”

Few days after the release of their new album "Chapter III - Downfall", modern symphonic metal unit Ad Infinitum introduce themselves as well as describe their new material in their own worlds. More over they speak about their future plans which mostly focus on spreading out their music!

Read below our interview with bassist Korbinian Benedict.


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RockOverdose: Hello and welcome to Rock Overdose webzine. How are things going for you now at the beginning of 2023?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): Hey! Thanks for having us! Things are great in the beginning of 2023. Lot’s of stuff is happening. The release of Chapter III - Downfall is taking up a lot of time but so far the feedback from the listeners has been overwhelmingly good.
Also we are planning a lot of things for the near and far future. Good things are coming!



RockOverdose: Would you like to introduce the band to those who are not familiar with you? How did you meet and what made you decide to form Ad Infinitum?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): We are a modern symphonic metal band from Europe called AD INFINITUM. Our singer started AD INFINITUM as a solo project but soon decided it should be a real band. She already knew our drummer Nik and the former bass player Jonas from touring with other bands, so she asked him if they wanted to join.
Nik brought in guitar player Adrian, whom he knew from his childhood days. In the autumn of 2020 Jonas unfortunately had to leave AD INFINITUM because of health problems - so they offered me (Korbinian) the job.



RockOverdose: From your very first album release in 2020 until now days your band has been very creative! I think Ad Infinitum is ‘on fire’. Do you agree? Who is the composer and who write lyrics for the band?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): Thank you! We try to be productive and creative to create momentum and to keep it going. We are all songwriters in this band. Everybody contributes his and her ideas and together as a band we continue working on them until we feel they are finished. The lyrics are written by our singer Melissa.


RockOverdose: How would you describe your new album “CChapter III - Downfall ” in your own words? Do you have any favorite song or song from it?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): Chapter III - Downfall is the natural evolution of our process and the next step after Chapter II both in sonic and songwriting style as in finding our true identity. In my opinion it is a true representation of our musical and artistical “souls” to this day. In the songwriting and production process we poured our hearts into the songs, worked over and over on some of them until we felt they were ready.
After that we gave them to Jacob Hansen for mixing and mastering. He did his unbelievable magic and made the songs sound incredible. The first time we heard the mixes in his studio we all had goosebumps!


RockOverdose: What are the differences between your two albums Chapter III and Chapter II?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): The difference is approximately one year of growth and evolution. Also we decided to be more personal and got rid of the masks to be closer to the listeners and be more personal. Musically we were braver to try out more things that we wouldn’t have dared to do in Chapter II. Also we put more emphasis on production sounds like booms, bangs and percussive elements - and a lot more 8 string guitar! 🙂



RockOverdose: Three years with the pandemic of course it was so difficult to play shows. What about this year? Did you have plan some live shows? Any chance to see you in Greece?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): The pandemic hit us hard. Right when we wanted to start everything off with the first album in 2020, we were forced to stay at home and couldn’t promote Chapter I. In 2021 we could play two festivals and our release show for Chapter II. So when the restrictions slowly eased out in 2022 and we could start playing live we were extremely happy. The European tour in the autumn 2022 as support for Amaranthe and Beyond the black was our very first real tour. The feedback we got from the audience was amazing. Right now we are planning tours for the near and not so far away future. I can’t reveal anything right now - but keep an eye on our socials. There are cool things coming!


RockOverdose: What do you want to achieve as a band?

Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): First, we want to continue writing music that we love and that is true to our heart. Secondly, we want to present and play that music to as many people as possible worldwide and have great live shows together!



RockOverdose: Korbinian - would you like to name your top 3 bassists?


Korbinian (AD INFINITUM): That’s hard to only stick to three. There are so many great ones. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden is my number one because of the effect that Iron Maiden had on me as a teen.  Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers because he made the bass stand out in Pop / Rock / Funky music and was so inspiring. Nolly Getgood who used to be in Periphery because he shaped the sound of modern metal bass. But there are so many more. Marcus Miller, Bobby Vega, Jaco, James Jamerson, Paul Mc Cartney etc.



RockOverdose: Please send a message to all Greek Ad Infinitum fans and to everybody who will read this interview.


AD INFINITUM: Dear Greek AD INFINITUM fans, thank you so much for your support! Thank you for streaming our music, buying our CDs and merchandise and for rocking out to our songs! We hope to make it to Greece soon and get to know all of you!


RockOverdose: Thank you very much for your time! I hope to see you in Greece soon.


AD INFINITUM: Thank you for having us and hope to see you soon! Greece and (Greek food) has a special place in my heart.




Pavlos Giannakopoulos 



Photo credits: Nat Enemede