Bernemann (SODOM) on Rock Overdose: “Thrash metal is honest, it´s a lifestyle.”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Bernemann, Sodom's guitarist, gave to Rock Overdose and to Sotirelis Konstantinos. Bernemann talked about the band's new album, "Decision Day", the differences from the previous one and their next plans! Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hello Bernd "Bernemann" Kost, welcome to Rock Overdose! How it's going on Sodom's side these days?


Bernemann: At the moment we are playing every weekend on Open Air festivals. Just come back Yesterday night from Slovakia. In the last months we played some really successful gigs all over Europe and Canada. We are all in a good  mood  after the first fantastic reviews about our new release “Decision Day”.


Rock Overdose: Your latest album, Decision Day, came out on August 26th. How do you feel?


Bernemann: We were really looking forward for the release. This time we are 100% satisfied with the result and very proud about it. During the pre production and the recording sessions we could feel that this CD will become a very special one.


Rock Overdose: Can you give us a few details about the album?


Bernemann: “Decision Day” is not a concept album, it includes 10 brand new tracks. Plus a new recorded version of our single “Sacred Warpath” from 2014. Furthermore we recorded 2 bonus tracks. “Inside My Crosshairs” will be released exclusively as a special vinyl edition for the German “Rock Hard” magazine and “Predatory Instinct” will be available on the Vinyl edition of “Decision Day”.




Rock Overodse: What difficulties did you face up during the recordings?


Bernemann: There were no real difficulties I guess. We got a very extensively and detailed pre production, that we could start the recordings well prepared. But still we found the time for trying out different things. Another drum fill here, another solo or a different voice etc. We really enjoyed to have the time for improvings and innovations. With every single track we recorded we got more motivated. Sure, sometimes it was a long and exhausting work, but every second was worth it. Certainly one main reason for the good atmosphere was our producer “Corny” who found the perfect sound for us and also inspired us with his ideas.


Rock Overdose: What are the differences from the previous album?


Bernemann: I believe there are a couple of reasons that make this production so special for us. First, we had enough time. During a long preproduction we were trying out and discussing many parts and ideas. That was extremely important for the songs structure and the hooks. Makka is more into the band after nearly 6 years. We are better attuned and inspire each other. Then, we found our way for the right recording. We prefer to work relaxed at home or in our rehearsel room. We don`t worry about the expensive hours in the studio. This freedom gives us much more time to be creative and to improve things. The whole band was never before so much involved into the production. Makka did the drums with Corny in the rehearsel room, I recorded the guitars alone at home. Only Tom went to Corny’s little studio for the vocals and bass tracks. All the time, everything was coordinated by Corny. He was extremely important for us as a tireless motivator and of course as an experienced sound engineer.


Rock Overdose: Do you plan to tour so as to promote the album?


Bernemann: This year we play only a few more club shows. But we are looking forward for 2017. A big tour is possible...


Rock Overdose: Is Greece in your touring plans?


Bernemann: Greece is the most South American place in Europe. We had unforgettable shows in Athens or Thessaloniki. I am absolutely sure that we will come. I guess this could be next January…




Rock Overdose: Despite the fact that you are a band with 16 albums, you still play thrash metal as you taught it to us back in the 80's. Many thrash metal bands getting slower and slower but Sodom don't follow this path. How do you manage to do this?


Bernemann: I really don´t know, we don´t talk together or making plans how fast, hard or slow the next song should sound like. We do what we always did, making the music we love. A band must be authentic, and we are. Especially the metalheads have a sense for that. Never try to be someone else than you are and don´t try to fool your fans. Then you can play as fast or slow as you want. Maybe the next Sodom will be with an orchestra or a gospel choir. Fuck You, never (laughs)


Rock Overdose: Thrash metal is very famous again. Why do you think that this happen?


Bernemann: Thrash metal is honest, it´s a lifestyle. I am old enough to say that I never found better people than on festivals. Having a good time with friends, having a few drinks, respecting each other and listening to kick ass music, what can be better? We traveled around the world many times, but the fans are always the same in every country. That makes me very proud. Thrash metal is extreme, dirty, loud, aggressive and it´s absolutely not for everybody. But that´s good!


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Bernemann: I want to dedicate the last words to our true Greek fans. Thank you my friends! Thank you so much for your loyal support after all this years. I came here the first time in 1998 to the RockWave Festival in Athens. I will never forget the crowd.

Party on Malaka!!




For Rock Overdose,


Konstantinos Sotirelis