BLACK LIGHT on Rock Overdose: “The new EP will probably come out by the beginning of this year’s autumn”

Black Light have released their new single, Map Of Truth, on May 18th, 2018. It’s the first track taken from the forthcoming EP Set Yourself Ablaze, which will come out on label Sliptrick Records later in the year. The EP was recorded at Golden Factory Studio (Italy). Due to this release, Rock Overdose talked with the band so as to learn all their news!




Rock Overdose: Hello Black Light, welcome to Rock Overdose. How is it going to the band’s side these days?


Black Light: It’s going pretty well! We moved to Liepāja, Latvia, some months ago to join Sliptrick Records headquarters. These guys are raising us to find our way into the music industry, and we’re working a lot to realise our dream to become as big as we can.



Rock Overdose: A couple of months ago, you released your new single called “Map of Truth”. How do you feel and what’s the feedback so far?


Black Light: We’re pretty excited, because “Map Of Truth” is the first track we released from our forthcoming album “Set Yourself Ablaze.” We did this so our audience could taste our new sound, which could be found in all the tracks, and the feedback is better than what we expected. Sometimes people finds some elements in it that we’ve never thought about, this is pretty interesting, and gives us the strength of keep going that way.



Rock Overdose: Could you tell us a few things about its lyrics?


Black Light: “Map Of Truth’s lyrics are mostly about disillusion. You know that kind of feeling you experience when you grow up and you realise the world you live in works not exactly the way you’ve expected it to. And the first reaction to it is often rejection. That’s the feeling we wanted to share with this song, and the “Map Of Truth” is the point of view you build after have experienced all this shit.



Rock Overdose: This song will be included in your next studio work? When should we wait for it?


Black Light: Yes, it will, the new EP has a main united core and “Map Of Truth” is part of it. We still don’t have an official release date, but it would probably come out by the beginning of this year’s autumn.



Rock Overdose: This is your first release via Sliptrick Records. How do you feel?


Black Light: We’re happy about that! This is a huge step forward for us. Before Sliptrick we never got outta local music scene, and that’s we’ve been waiting for since we started to play music. And the Sliptrick guys do everything they can to teach us how to build ourselves, so working with them is simply amazing.



Rock Overdose: In 2016 you released your debut album “Storms And Shades”. How do you feel and what responses did it take?


Black Light: Storms & Shades was a pretty great adventure for us! We were kinda finding our musical style when we wrote it, like, we were already following the metalcore path, but in it you could find some alternative metal elements, but also thrash metal and alternative rock ones. “Dream and Tears” is a grunge song, and “Harmless” a full-acoustic ballad. The response was kinda cool, especially for the song “Dawn”, but it was kind of local. We’re still proud of this album by the way, and we love it.



Rock Overdose: In the beginning, the band was more into hardcore/thrash style, but you changed your sound. Why did this happen?


Black Light: We were barely kids when everything started. And so, we guess the music you listen to in your teenage always changes and evolves, we went from getting inspiration from Ac/Dc and Nirvana, to end up wanting stuff more like Asking Alexandria and Miss May I. I think it just came by itself with our growth, and we’re still growing, we’re still evolving and the new stuff we’re writing right now is even different from “Map Of Truth” and the full upcoming EP as well, even if we stay metalcore. We found our home in this genre.



Rock Overdose; What are the band’s future plans? Do you have any live shows coming up?


Black Light: We will play live with Betraying The Martyr on August the 3rd. We’re pretty excited about that, it’s a great occasion for us to play with someone that huge and known in the metalcore/deathcore scene. Besides that, we’re keep writing new stuff, we hope you will hear it soon!



Rock Overdose: Thank you for this interview. The last word is yours


Black Light: We thank Rock Overdose a lot for giving us the chance to get this interview, those guys are amazing at supporting growing bands like that, so take a look on their stuff!



For Rock Overdose,

Konstantinos Sotirelis