Diddi Kastenholt (BAI BANG) on Rock Overdose: “Hard and Glam Rock is back”

Bai Bang is a Hard-Glam Rock band from Sweden. We had the privilege to saw them a few months ago at ‘Rock You To Hell Festival’ in Athens.
A few days ago Bai Bang singer Diddi Kastenholt has answered to our questions and he speaks about everything around Bai Bang.
Here we go…..
Rock Overdose: Hello Diddi. How are you doing?
Diddi: Everything is fine! Super
Rock Overdose: How are things going for Bai Bang in 2016?
Diddi: GREAT!!! Doing a lot of great gigs.And in-between writing and recording the new album!!!! Diddi 2Diddi 2
diddi 2

Rock Overdose: When did you start and what made you to play music?
Diddi: Oh! When I was a teenager! Always been into music. My father was a great pianist and played a lot of blues. He could play and I sang.
Rock Overdose: Can you introduce us the members of Bai Bang?
Diddi: It’s me Diddi on vocals,Poffe SIKK ROXXS on bass,Oskar Wennberg on drums and Manuel Seaone on guitar!
Rock Overdose: Can you tell us some words about Bai Bang story? How did you all meet?
Diddi: Oh its hard.It started out longtime ago.Everybody knew eachother or was friend to someone i knew. There has been some changes over the years but this is the best lineup.!!!
Rock Overdose: Which are you main influences as band?
Diddi: Oh different but I started to listen to T-Rex(Marc Bolan) ,Sweet.I love Aerosmith,Bon Jovi
Rock Overdose: How would you describe your music?
Diddi: Melodic.Great riffs,catchy!
Rock Overdose: ’Enemy Lines’ was your debut album back in late 80s. What are your memories from those days?
Diddi: It was fun.We recorded in different studios.Also did a great video to the song ‘Enemy Lines’.It won the prize best video of the year.We also did some great big festivals with 100 000 persons in the audience.
Rock Overdose: 80s was such a great time for Rock and Metal music. Do you agree ?
Diddi: Oh yes but its back again. Hard rock and Glam rock is BACK!!!

bai bang 2
Rock Overdose: How is Swedish metal scene nowdays?
Diddi: Its ok! Many great bands.
Rock Overdose: What bands do you like to listen to these days?
Diddi: I listen to all kind of music.So different. It’s nice to spread the music influences
Rock Overdose: Most of us in Greece ‘met’ you as a band at Rock You To Hell Fest in late 2015. If someone hadn’t heard Bai Bang before, what album would you recommend him to buy?
Diddi: The last album “All Around The World”. But “Are You Ready?” “Living My Dream” are very good albums too.
Rock Overdose: At Rock You To Hell Festival in Athens you and your band rocked the place down ! Such a great performance. What can you remember from those days in Greece?
Diddi: It was GREAT!!! WE really had a great time.Lots of very nice people!!! Never been to Greece before and it was so fun and great! We even went sightseeing. Soooo great! And GREAT PARTY!!!!!!
Rock Overdose: Your last album “All around the world” released in 2013. Will we have to expect any new album?
Diddi: Im writing new stuff.We record.Almost 6 songs done!! Will be great!


Rock Overdose: Which are the best moments in the history of Bai Bang?
Diddi: Oh.....so many great moments but...Playing in front of 100 000 people was outstanding.Playing in Oklahoma,Rocklahoma a year ago,90 000 was good.To get an award ,prize from Johnny Cash in Nashville was great! Seeing Acropolis was stunning!!!
Rock Overdose: If you want just send a message to your fans in Greece, and to everyone who will read this interview.
Diddi: Thanks a lot for your love and support! We really want to come back soon again!! We love you all! Rock on & Rock it!!!