DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE) on Rock Overdose:”Love is what it’s all about”



It is with great honor and pleasure that RockOverdose hosts DAVID COVERDALE, the ultimate rock representative of Love, in an interview due to Whitesnake's farewell tour.


Editor Aggelos Katsouras on his once in a lifetime dream that came true, comes face to face with one of his first music heroes and tries to put in his "shock and awe"  to have the chance to speech and address David Coverdale. What is love? The importance of the audience for the band leader, the encouragement for the world to follow his dreams and the special semiotics of number 69 , as well as many many others.... follow below: 



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RockOverdose: Mr. Coverdale I hope we find you fine and safe. We’re waiting for you in Greece in a month’s timespan and we really can’t wait to say goodbye to you and thank you for your offer. How is this last tour going so far and how can you hold yourself from not being too emotional in these last gigs of yours?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): It is very, very emotional…My band is absolutely incredible & the crowds are beautiful…It’s a remarkably touching goodbye…I have no regrets…





RockOverdose: Almost half a century ago the mass of fans got to know you through Deep Purple.

When did you understand you had the gift to follow your dreams and do you believe you completed or maybe exceeded your expectations after all these years?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): This entire tour is solely to express my gratitude to as many people I can around the world to thank them for 50 years of incredible support…I should have called it ‘The Thank You Tour’…





RockOverdose: How much of certainty and belief in someone’s self do you think it needed back then when you gave us your first two personal albums, “White Snake” and “Northwinds”?

Was it kinda like a leap of faith for you and a pivotal part in getting to form Whitesnake slightly later?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): I had no choice but to pursue my dreams…Always follow your dreams…Surround yourself with people who share those dreams…& let go of anyone who doesn’t…Always moving forward…





RockOverdose: Whitesnake got to be instantly loved by people on their beginning, a love that grew into a lifetime relationship.

Did this vibe become a motive for you to continue following your vision through the years, and how do you feel that no matter the changes in music industry, Whitesnake remained a value and an idea to people’s hearts that never faded?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): Completely motivates me…without the support my audience has given me…I would have had no chance…



RockOverdose: Records started getting gold, then platinum, then global recognition took place and exposure was massive for you and the band. Did you ever fear that this acceptance could make you lose what you had in mind for the band, or do you feel you were fully prepared and things just took their natural way of progression?


DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): No…I’m a Yorkshireman…I enjoy the fantasy life, but I’m very grounded from my working class upbringing & the family & people in my life…I’ve been through my ‘diva’ days…it really doesn’t suit me at all…





RockOverdose: Allow me to express my memory of seeing you for the first time on the “Still Of The Night” video at the age of 6, then I told inside me I wanted to become a singer, just like you and do the same things as you did.

Luckily for all, this never happened, but which were the ones that gave you the push to become a singer as an inspiration?

Did you look up to anyone special back then or maybe later?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): Expressionist singers like African American blues & soul singers…They were always more interesting to me than lily white pop music…



RockOverdose:  You are one of the few fully responsible persons to express your thoughts on the change of the music industry over the years.

Did you feel you were about to be taken for granted or not be appreciated as you should?

We can never have a new Whitesnake level band, but what does a band have to do or be careful about so that they can write their own pages in history?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): No, my friend…I made a very conscious decision to retire in 2020, but Covid cancelled all of us out…I’m reasonably smart at the business side, but, really…I could feel I was done…all that remains is to fulfill my contractual obligations & get on with all the new ideas I have…It’s still very exciting to create…


I certainly do wish new bands every success in what they’re doing…The world is very different now to when I started…there’s a lot more need to roll with the punches…




RockOverdose: Love, a synonym of your expressive outstanding career, you sang about it and most of its possible forms.

What is real love for you Mr. Coverdale? Why is it so important or at times fatal for all of us?

Can we handle it partly or do we become prey to its will without understanding?

Do you believe you found real and complete love in your life, personally or bandwise?


DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): Love is what it’s all about…period…without love we are fucked…no poetry, no art, no caress, no physical expression…





RockOverdose: This is the end of touring for you but not of recording as we recently saw you stating. Did you have thoughts of stopping some years before, or is it now the right moment after you completed 70 years of age last year?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): I wanted to retire at 69…I felt that was the most appropriate age for me… 🙂



RockOverdose: Do you have anything ready recorded for a future release, with or without Whitesnake, so that you could share it with us?



DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE): I don‘t kiss & tell…but, there are LOTS of ideas floating around…





RockOverdose: Mr. Coverdale before we end, allow me to express my gratitude for filling my life with exceptional moments since I started remembering myself.

I cannot describe how crucial your presence has been for me and I would like to thank you immensely and out of heart, it’s a real honour to share my thoughts with you and it’s more than appreciated.

How would you like to close this interview and what would you like fans to remember you about in the years to follow?

God speed on anything you do from now on, it’s been a privilege for all of us and we hope you’ll receive all the love and respect you always deserved.


DAVID COVERDALE (WHITESNAKE):  My sincere thanks, Sir…





For RockOverdose,


Interview: Aggelos Katsouras 


Translation: Vivi Zapantiotou